Catch up with our 2010 A-kon 21 (Dallas TX) event coverage in Part 1 (arrival), Part 2 (cosplay & artists), Part 3 (Vinyl, sculpture, toys), and Part 4 (more cosplay photos).

Continuing with our A-kon 21 coverage, here’s some more photo of some of the people we met in cool costumes!

Look at that cutie dressed up as Rinoa of Final Fantasy VIII.

Picachu, Pichu, and Pulse, showing off their cute tails… Very niace!

Thien not getting a lot of lovin’ from these lady cosplayers.

Ryu and Ken comes out of the cage!

Thien vs Zero of Megaman. Who will win?

She danced for us! We have a video clip of it…!!! (Will be posted up later… or just click here).

Steam punk cosplay!

Some dude with kunais and a lady dressed up as Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud… She’s carrying a very big buster sword.

We ran into another Pickachu! Gotta catch em’ all!

Mech-robot amazingness.

It’s Misa of Deathnote lookin’ super!

Poor Thien being beaten silly by the Team Fortress team.

It’s Digimon!

This dude was asking for attention! So we grabbed a photo.

Sephiroth and Cloud in the building.

We ran into Alice from Wonderland, and didn’t hesitate to grab a memorable photo!

Bleach cosplay lookin’ super dope.

Final Fantasy X’s Yuna and FF13’s Vanille.

Street Fighter’s Ken… or Dan…

Naruto and Tobi gives us a thumbs up.

That’s a big ole bunny.

Woah! It’s a living snack machine!

That’s a BIG Pickachu!

It’s May, Ash *cough* Thien, and Misty!

The whole Naruto crew.

Lady Gaga getting picked up by Frankenstein!

Another Bleach character, this one was crazy!

I’ve never seen anything like this before.

The cutest ladies of Teen Titan!

We relaxed watching these talented girls dance.

The whole Team Fortress Camp!

Stay tuned for Part 6 for more cosplay!