Catch up with our A-kon 21 event coverage in Part 1 (arrival), Part 2 (cosplay & artists), Part 3 (Vinyl, sculpture, toys).

In this post, I will be posting up more photos of really sweet cosplays that caught our eyes during our stay at the A-Kon 21 event in Dallas, TX! A-Kon 21 marks our first time attending an event that was created in tribute to the hardcore fans of Japanese culture, from mangas, anime, to dressing up as your favorite fictional characters. The Loyal K.N.G. crew had an enjoyable time as you are about to see…

Why yes! The holy camcorder!

Holy Galacticus, Batman! You can’t get any closer to real-life anime ladies than this (Warning: under those innocent mask, are MEN! Well, some any-who.).

But the real women in cosplay truly do the best work! I just love cosplay girls!!!

Awww, I think they are asking for my hand… Must give… My hands.

Kingdom Hearts lovin’ right here!

Loyal K.N.G.’s Tony taking a stabbing by Master Chief of Halo!

However, after the confrontation, they both became best of friends. The end.

Snakes return to the box, now no one will ever find him! Bwahahaha.

Trungs sayin’ hi to tha ladies. Bwahahhaa…..

Pink hair is in style right now, can’t you tell?

So many stuffed toy!

Big smiles from Sulma (right) and her sister!

Can’t have a legit Anime convention without Speed Racer and his girlfriend of AWESOME!

This conclude Part 4 coverage of A-kon 21, stay tuned for Part 5! I have so much photos to go through… This just means more material for your reading and viewing pleasure! UPDATE: Part 5 is up! Read here.