Be sure to check out A-Kon 21 Part 1 coverage here!

There’s something very fun about dressing up as your favorite fictional characters, some of which can be from Japanese Anime, cartoons, or even video games. Attending A-kon as a press crew, was more like being sent to Peter Pan’s Never-land. A-Kon opened doors for the inner kid to float back to the surface of our skins. With so many friends to be made, and activities to be a part of, it would be hard not to have an awesome time running circles around everyone with your hands flailing wildly. The Loyal K.N.G. crew didn’t rest much, but we definitely didn’t need to. Fun was to be had, and we buried ourselves in it! Just check out some of our photos of the A-kon 21 event below:

We ran into these cosplayers dressed up as characters from the popular anime, Naruto! We definitely had to grab these two characters for a photo.

There were even tons of Anime inspired air brushing going on during A-Kon!

Gundam model kits were up for sale at the vendor booths. I had one of these when I was younger, and decided that my talents were not in splicing together Gundam characters… It was a sad day for me.

Loyal K.N.G.’s Trung ran into Poison Ivy and was surprised by a gnarly entanglement… Yikes!

We have our man, Thien, on the scene with these cute cosplayers! Mark my words, I have a feeling that pink hair is the new blond!

Even Call of Duty cosplayers made it out to play.

Too much pointing going on!

Loyal K.N.G.’s Tony pointing to our next destination… The booth of DOOM!

On our way to our next location, we happen to run into three adorable Pickachu cosplayers! What a pleasant surprise, now if only I had real-life pokeballs to toss at them… but I think grabbing a photo is good enough!

Really elaborate costumes going on here.

Lucky Tony!

A closer look into some of the vendors’ booths.

Its Urahara of Bleach.

We got Sasuke and Naruto in the flesh.

And to cap off the final photo of our Part 2 A-kon 21 coverage, we have Afro Samurai teaching these upstarts on some battle skills!

Check back soon for Part 3! Update: Part 3 available, go read!