Over the past weekend, June 4th, 2010, to be exact, we attended North America’s largest Anime convention entitled, A-kon 21 (for the 21st year of it’s convention existance), located in the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas, Texas. This was a three day convention, which lasted from Friday all the way through Sunday, with activities that goes on throughout the day and night time to keep even the insomniacs entertained. For us here at the Loyal K.N.G. camp, we thought it would be a nice way to spend our weekend doing something different from our usual traveling efforts (read here about some of our past trips). It’s no big surprise that the Japanese culture has played a huge impact in our lives and influenced the way we approach our artistic endeavors. Our trip to A-kon proved to be incredibly fun, memorable, and inspirational, not to mention, we ended up making tons of new friends along the way! What could anyone ask more from such a legendary convention?

I want to give thanks to the A-Kon admins for allowing us to cover A-Kon 21 as a press crew. It was an enjoyable event and we’ll never forget all the cool things that went down during our visit. We made sure to grab tons of photos and even video footage (which is in post production) of the Anime convention for your viewing pleasure! So check it out below, along with my commentary.

This is PART 1 of a big series of A-Kon coverage post so check back frequently for continual updates!

Meet the Loyal K.N.G. press crew. We got Ricky (left) handling photography, Tony (middle) handling video, and Thien (right) handling video, of the A-Kon 21 event.

These three girls were one of the first group of cosplayers (costume players) we ran into when we entered the Sheraton Hotel. From the looks of it we can see Mr. Thien kicking it with Daphne, Sakura (Naruto), and a human Togepi (Pokemon?). I give two thumbs up for a nice cosplay well-done!

This is Trung with some more cosplayers that we ran through. A-Kon brings out the most adorable girls!

A-Kon also brings out the most fiercest guys… Dope costume though.

Even Tony found the elusive Super Mario in all his propeller helmet form!

A-Kon even had bioshock bunnies that were ready to show Thien a few thing or two…

Of course we had to do this.

It’s Mr. and Mrs. Kakashi in the Hotel!

Hey! It’s the Assassin Creed dude in the flesh!

So I’m confused… Is this Johnny Depp? Or is it Jack Sparrow… Or is it both?! SANDAROOO!

Yes, we even found Waldo.

Of course, no A-Kon could be complete without talented artist booths!

Ohhh, I’m not quite sure what this doggy-face looking character is suppose to be, but it’s sure is scary!

Mangas! Mangas! Mangas! Get your Mangas!

Random shot!

Some incredible artists came out, I was just mesmerized.

They had tons of buttons for sale!

The artists!!!
This is the end of Part 1 of the A-Kon coverage, check back later today for Part 2 (UPDATE: Part 2 Here!). I’m going to take a short nap and I’m back on this A-Kon coverage boat! >:D (emoticons are popular, I figured I would use it since it’s a special occasion.)