(before the wreck… it was awesome)

Over the weekend, the Loyal K.N.G. crew went out to Dallas, TX, to cover A-kon 21 (the largest north American Anime convention) as press for the Loyal K.N.G. website. The event itself was just unbelievably fun, but I will cover the exact details in a later post… In this particular write-up, I just wanted to reflect over, what is quite possibly my worst day ever.

Have you ever had a nightmare that something of your biggest worries took place that felt so real, so potent, and powerful, that when you woke up, you immediately ran to wherever your nightmare occurred to see if it actually was real? Unfortunately, one of my nightmares came true last weekend… And it wasn’t something I could just lightly wake up from. Loyal K.N.G. almost ended in a mere 10 second interval, all thanks to some drunken jackass.

At 2:16am on a Saturday, June 05-10, my vehicle, 1998 Nissan 240sx (My dream car), was side swiped by a speeding drunk driver on a high traffic highway, which spun the vehicle 560degrees, putting the vehicle facing oncoming traffic. And as if it could get any worse, the drunk driver came out of his car and marched up to us to ask: “Are you guys alright?” Obviously we weren’t, and I replied accordingly, “No, we are not okay.” Immediately after hearing that response, what does the drunk driver decide to do? Drive off. Yep, quite possibly the worse possible thing to happen to a kid who has dreams and works hard to make it happen.

When our vehicle was hit, while it spun for what seemed like eternity, which in reality was just 10 seconds… I had to reconcile and tie-up all loose-end before leaving this good Earth. It was a hard emotional break-down for me, especially when I didn’t even fulfill any of my dreams yet. My biggest worry was failing to do what I set out to do, and to see my aspirations all go away in a few seconds was difficult to bear. However, when the vehicle came to a stand still and we rushed out, I couldn’t even believe what had happened actually happened… I didn’t think I could ever be in this type of situation, but I’m not immune to the terror of the world. I remembered I had a rush of sorrow, and I knelt down to repent and scream repeatedly that I was sorry for all my wrongs in my life… I was frightened.

Before my eyes I saw the end of my dreams… With the drunk driver fleeing the scene, there would be no way I could get their insurance to pay for our damage, nor could my own insurance cover the damage, because we only purchased liability. So with out a vehicle to travel with, I am faced with the conflicting trouble of using all my money, the brand’s money, on purchasing another car to get around with. And that meant that Loyal K.N.G would be at a total stand still.

I have been working ridiculously hard on preparing our summer line, which will be my best work dropping. It’s the line that will truly define our brand and our direction. However, with the series of negative events, I just can’t come out with a bang as I wished we could have for the Loyal K.N.G. brand… Although, we can’t come as strong as we planned, I will be releasing t-shirts soon from our summer line, it may not be the full course meal that I planned, but at least it’ll be something. I’m never quitting Loyal K.N.G., and I think this trial was a testament to that.

Please stick with me as we move forward. No more drunk drivers, no more wrecked cars, just dreaming, and making it all come true.

Thank You everyone for taking the time to read one of my most personal entry,

-Trung of Loyal K.N.G.