Recently, the good folks over at SkullyBoom dropped us a surprise package at our office, and we took the opportunity to review it at hand and see what it was all about.  The package that we received contained an exclusive SkullyBoom SB1 portable-speaker (as seen in the photo above) which also doubles as a vinyl toy. Immediately, my eyes lit up as I grasped my hands around the uniquely crafted speaker. The SkullyBoom SB1 brought out the audiophile, vinyl-toy-junkie, and compulsive collector out of me. The model is carefully crafted into a quirky skull with eyes that acts as the actual speakers. I realized that doing a review for this product would be better performed visually, so we took our time to cut and edit up this review for y’all. The reviewer, Tony (Loyal K.N.G. rep), will walk y’all through the branding, packaging, and performance of  the SkullyBoom SB1 speaker.

The SkullyBoom SB1 model is very limited and can be purchased here at the SkullyBoom website for 50$. The performance of the Skullyboom speaker surprised me in terms of strength and quality. The sounds of the SB1 cranked all the way up did not cause any grainy sounds that are more common with speakers of cheaper construction.  The quality production is evident through the fact that the SB1 model itself is super-durable and have been tested to withstand drops of any kind! However, if the SkullyBoom SB1 does become damaged, the company has an amazingly convenient warranty that allows you to “get back on the streets” with a SkullyBoom in hand, that is if you can provide a story and photos to go with how you damaged your SB1. For a portable speaker, SkullyBoom delivers a unique crossing of two genres, vinyl toys and audio speakers, into their SB1 portable speaker. If y’all are interested in a nice addition to your vinyl toy collection, or even a portable speaker for your outdoor activities, I highly recommend picking up the SkullyBoom SB1 (here).

Here are additional photos of the SkullyBoom product!