Read Part 1 of our Ritual Warfare 3 coverage here (Graffiti coverage).

We hit up local Dallas, TX, events a lot, and every time you can feel the growing birth of something special in the community. It was no different with Ritual Warfare 3. We held it down at the event, and made sure to grab tons of photos for y’all to check out. We made sure to also grab some video footage, which we edited up into our signature Loyal K.N.G. production video that y’all should be very familiar with by now.

Some bboy x bgirl cypher going down.

Bgirl Arika busting up the dance floor.

The 2 VS 2 bboy competition going down in the semi-finals!

A beautiful crowd.

Head spinning out of this dimension!

Did I mention, that I just love this crowd?!

Our new friend, Bboy Victor, in the house!

This is DJ Pablo Flow, he is one of the few people responsible for getting Ritual Warfare 3 together and poppin’.

This is our good homie, Jae!

Check it! It’s DJ PriestTD spinning for Ritual!

These are the three winners of the BBOY competition, ranging from Power moves, Pop and Lock, and all around freestyle. Big ups to the new fam!

Stay tuned for our next post where we drop our video of the Ritual Warfare 3 event! UPDATE: Check the video here!