Our previous Saturday (May 8th, 2010), we visited our friend’s, Pablo, big event entitled the “Ritual Warfare 3.” The event was a gathering of graffiti artists from Dallas, TX, area to paint up canvases with their style and art. It was a great day to have some nice productive outdoor activities. As usual with each of our weekend out of town visiting various events, such as Ritual, we made sure to grab lots of photos. We also grabbed some video footage for y’all to take a look into what went down that Saturday!

These pieces were whipped up by B-ware and, due to his street tagging, the artist of the geisha piece will be unnamed.

My homie, Miguel, starting up on his canvas piece.

Some finished graffiti pieces from the event.


While the graffiti showcase was going outside, inside the Excuse bar was a whole different kind of animal. Ritual Warfare 3 brought out all the local bboys, and the tournament for the best that night would be determined. We made sure to set-up booth and join in the cultivated fun!

Stay tuned for our PART 2 post of Ritual Warfare 3 as we cover the bboy competition and wrap-up the event, and drop our signature video montage of the event! UPDATE: New part 2 post is online, go check it out here.