Read our previous parts of the Atlanta, Georgia, trip to Sneaker Friends: Part 1 (Arrival) and Part 2 (Meet & Greet Sponsors)

As the Sneaker Friend event goes from smooth sailing mode into rapid light-speed mode, we were able to catch up with more fun faces, and even some famous celebrity-status faces during our time at the event. Check out some of our new friends and surprise cameos below!

This is a good friend of ours, Ted (left), and he is the owner of Eyeconic Clothing! He has some super dope clothing which are all created to make you stand out from the crowd, hence being Eyeconic. Being a local from Atlanta, Georgia, Ted has been building his brand into a promising upstart in his town. It will be fun to witness the growth of Eyeconic, along side of our own, Loyal K.N.G. brand as the months and years goes by.

Here are some of our homies, Alex (middle) and his partner, from Wish ATL, THE Streetwear boutique of Atlanta, Georgia.

Old homies from the great Dallas, Texas! Our good homie of Adikt Footwear from Dallas, Dave (@adiktDave), dropped by to attend and chill it out at the Sneaker Friends event. Alongside of Dave is my homie, Emmanuel of Love.Supreme.Dream clothing, who we partnered up with to travel all the way to Atlanta.

Here’s hip hop’s upcoming star, Yelawolf!

Even Rick Ross made it out to the Sneaker Friends event! So many surprise drop-in made for a nice unpredictable day!

There were even dope artists, whipping up beautiful paintings of Jordans, Yeezys, Dunks, and much more.

Can’t forget about some of the people who supported us!

After the Sneaker Friends event, we made sure to hit up Hudson’s Grille to grab a bite to eat along with watching the Shane Mosley and Mayweather fight.

Overall, the journey to a new land was interesting and fun, but nothing can beat being home in Texas.