Read our PART 1 of our Atlanta trip here and check out part 2 on this post!

After finding our hotel and dropping by Atlanta’s Wish streetwear boutique, we headed off to Sneaker Friends hosted by DJ Gregstreet. The event was set to start within an hour of our arrival, so we quickly grabbed our boxes and started unpacking. Within the next following hour I visited the other vendors and sponsors of the event.

This is Jaki Johnson of Chriskimedia, she also is a emcee and radio hostess of KISS 104.1 for Atlanta, Georgia! She was super down with our brand, and of course we had to grab a photo of her! Go check her out on her twitter (@allaboutaki).

Meet our good friends, The Heat Seekers Krew!

Some sneakers that were on display from a few tables down from our’s. I see some Guccis, Skunks, and some other delicious morsels!

It’s DJ Gregstreet himself and Nike SB collector and video-logger extraordinare, Franalations!

This is Cara Pastore of f22studio, and she is a photographer. Cara has actually worked with artists, such as MF DOOM, Mos Def, and so many more! So being able to meet someone apart of the industry in such a closely knit way was such an inspiration! Cara really dug our “Ghostly Doom!” shirt and suggested we send one to the man who inspired it himself, MF DOOM. I’m thinking that’s a good idea. Thanks, Cara!

These kids actually won airplane tickets to attend Sneaker Friends at the Dallas All Star Weekend: Sneakend event! They were rocking local streetwear boutiques located in the Dallas area such as Shogun and Adikt! Got a lotta love for our hometown!

More beautiful sneakers on a table.

Sneakers on speakers?!

Our new friends and local Atlanta Georgia brand, Sneaker Junkies!

Some nice kicks with some nice shirts.

This is the end of our Part 2 coverage of  our Atlanta, Georgia, Sneaker Friends trip. Stay tune for the finale, part 3, of our coverage! Be sure to catch Part 1 if you haven’t already here.