Hey folks! Last weekend we decided to hook up with DJ Gregstreet’s 2010 Sneaker Friends event to showcase our gear to the people in Atlanta, Georgia. For us being located in Texas, and Georgia being located nearly 12 hours away, it was more of a spontaneous last minute decision than anything. After an email and a phone call, we were officially on the list to set-up at Atlanta’s biggest sneaker event to ever drop, Sneaker Friends. It was an opportunity that we held no great expectation of, but I knew we had to make the trip for the experience, and the feel of a different type of culture outside of our home-state, Texas. So with only two hands wielded with Nos-Grape-Flavored-Energy drinks, it was time to hit the road for the most epicly boring 12 hr drive ever!

Of course we are going to fast forward those 12 hrs in this post and get on to the real meat of it all. Atlanta, Georgia, here we go!

A couple of hours later with a few trip to Dominoes Pizzas and Waffle House, we officially arrived to the great state of ATLANTA, Georgia!

The suspect Dominoes Pizza at Waffle house photo? The most ironic part of our trip, that’s for sure.

We arrived at our reserved hotel, Indigo, and had to park at the roof of the parking complex, but it made for a great scenery shot.

Officially checking into Indigo Hotel, too bad we didn’t get to nap, because our next stop was…

The biggest and baddest streetwear boutique located in Atlanta, WISH.

Grabbed a photo of Wish right before we left! The store was beautiful and the sneaker collection located in the basement area were amazing! I wish I could have taken a photo to show you guys, but the owner wasn’t there to ask for permission.. Oh wells, always next year 2011 Sneaker Friends!

This is the conclusion of our arrival, stay tune as we drop our official coverage of Dj Gregstreet’s Sneaker Friends event with video footage! UPDATE: Check out the Sneaker Friends post here.