It’s no surprise that we had to bring out the Loyal K.N.G. gear to the big Notorious 25th Anniversary event. The event was full of fun activities, such as bboy x bgirl battles(here), graffiti contests(here), and DJs ripping the turn tables(here). The event was a fun experience meeting new friends and old friends all a-like and just being able to connect with the culture in a visceral way.We received tons of love from the visitors and even returning friends helping out by copping a tee! It’s always a blessing to see the foundation to our brand being built in such a grassroots way.

My homie here actually picked up a tee from hearing about it from his friend (left), who we actually met at the Street Jam 2.0 event. Seeing the process of “word of mouth” being put to use is really inspirational. It truly proves that every little thing you do, can lead to more opportunities.

New friends!

He broke a 100 dollar bill to pick up this tee! That’s love right there.

He’s apart of the Sour Grapes 13 graffiti crew! He picked up a Brain Freeze tee for his girlfriend, and I have to say, it was a good choice!

This is Heather, she picked up some tees for her brother’s birthday! Of course she had to grab the “Got Brain?” tee!

She even got Troublesome Tommy!

This is our homie, Francisco, repping some Loyal K.N.G. stickers!

Ramos of Thug Boss showing love!

Carlos of Love.Supreme.Dream picking up the “A Brainy Ape” tee! Looks like his twin brother, Emmanuel, trying to snatch the shirt! I don’t blame him, the t-shirt is DOPENESS.

The Sun Bruu Bikini Models showing us some love!