Read Part 1 (Prepping for Austin) here.

During our arrival to Austin TX for the Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase 2010 tour, we made sure to do a little walk around the downtown area before we settled at our final location, Suga Momma’s Cupcakes. Along the way, I took this opportunity to tag random things with Loyal K.N.G. stickers!

This is Complete the Premium streetwear store.

A sneak peek inside of Complete.

We then stopped by Matt Halfhill’s Nice Kicks store to see all the colorful sneakers.

While we were walking the streets our eyes caught this awesome Bruce Lee stencil of him holding up a bowl of noodles, witty!

Tagged that electric box!

Some shots of inside Tekgnar, our next street-store location.

My homie, Carlos, checking out a sweet pair of Reebok Snowman Pumps.

The shoe collection from the Tekgnar retail location.

Then we finally arrived at our destination, Sugar Momma’s Cupcakes! I made sure we left a little Loyal K.N.G. loving.

Next post we will be covering the Johnny Cupcake tour! UPDATE: Check out the next part here!