This will be the final entry for our Culture Upon Extinction chronicles. Read the previous parts here; Graffiti Exhibition, Sneaker Exhibition Part 1 x Part 2, Bboy x Bgirl Show, and meeting the Sponsors/Artists.

So Loyal K.N.G. crew made the long drive to Fort Worth, but it wasn’t for nothing! We had plans to set-up our table for the day with our homies from Heatseekers Krew, and witness how the day would unfold…

Check it out. Our homie, Akuma471 of the Heatseekers Krew, saw our “Craving KNWLDGE?” tee in teal and he had to COP after seeing the epic ensemble with his exclusive Nike sneakers!

Matching DOPEness.

Our friend from Pain Free had to cop the inverted “Brain Freeze“! I mean it glows in the dark after all. Much love to Pain Free and their support!

My man, Miguel Garcia, repping some Loyal K.N.G.! We met a while back at Shogun for the pre-pacman party, and it’s interesting to meet up with him at these events! And now he’s showing us some major love! He copped the “Got Brain?” tee

You already know! It’s all about the “Brainy Ape!”

Looking steezy with that there “Jack the Warrior” tee!

He even copped a second tee, the original (almost sold out) Brain Freeze Tee!

This is our good homie, Pedro DJ Preisttd, we also met during Street Jam 2.0, and at the time he was really diggin’ our Ghostly Doom tee, but we didn’t bring out the XXL. However by a twist of galaxial planetary alignment, we met up once more and everything turned out good! Super DOPE!

Our friend, Samcolt12 of the HeatSeekers, saw the Troublesome Tommy classic and had to cop! After all, it was specially made just for him!

Meet our friend radballs_pete!

Pete is a super-cool dude! I was happy to see Pete supporting us. It’s always nice to meet folks who are really down with what we do; that in itself is super inspirational!

As we pack up and watch the final bboy x bgirl tournament, I grabbed one last photo for the road, meet Thien, Pete, Bruce, and Dave!

Our Loyal K.N.G. continues this Saturday on April 10th at Notorious event in Dallas, TX! Come out and visit us and enjoy the festivities!