After our covering of the Heatseekers Krew sneaker collection (Part 1 x Part 2), we are now continuing onward with the amazing graffiti showcases that went down during the Culture Upon Extinction 2010 event in Fort Worth/ Dallas, TX. As usual the Graffiti artists were all showing unique and creative styles. The event had every corner and wall covered with artists. So check out some of the photos we took of them at work from beginning to completion!

Revving up the graffiti engine!

Now he’s just zooming to the finish line!

Just spraying away.

Artists hard at work!

Finished products.

Diligence, perseverance, and a heart full of inspiration makes for great art.

New walls, new pieces.

Loving it!

Now time for the coup de grace!

These guys are the OG graffiti artists all the way from the 90’s!

The tag styles is blowing me away!

Near it’s completion.

El Fin.