Loyal K.N.G. has officially made the spring 2010 season drop! It’s been a long and busy 2010 this year, and we are only speeding the process up. In this season we continue to expand on our core ideology of “Knowledge” and take from our culture in a way to remind people what affected and influenced us when we were young was a form of everlasting “Knowledge” that can never go.

So what’s new? All t-shirts are tagged with our official logo/mascot, Atama-Kun (meaning and story explained in a later post) which is making it’s official debut on a t-shirt in Summer, and as a back logo tip on Spring season (look at first photo).

Now let’s take a look at the Spring Loyal K.N.G. 2010 season!

Got Brain?

This design is an obvious tribute and appropriation of the infamous “Animaniac,” The Brain. The Brain has always been known to take over the world (or try too) by using his noggin’. I immediately came up with the parallel between “The Brain” character and Alex of “A Clockwork Orange” by Stanley Kubrick, which would later bring about this design. Alex of “A Clockwork Orange” was depicted as a hardcore anarchist and troublemaker, he also maintained aspirations to takeover the world around him in his own way by force. It was a no brainer for me to mix-mash these two cultural icons into a design for our Spring season.

Craving KNWLDGE?

This design is dear to my heart, it is a tribute to my late-90’s alternative to the Garfields’ cartoon series, Heathcliff. It always struck me as strange that someone could go out and make a cartoon show of a cat and have him maintain the same attribute of Garfield, by being orange, fat, having stripes, and always hungry. If anyone knows me personally, than you’ll understand that this cat has a lot of things in common with me. Heathcliff is always hungry and on the hustle for food, and in many comedic ways he’ll attempt to achieve his goals. I’m a hungry dude in every sense of the word. I’m always hungry (currently hungry as I type out this description) for food, and hungry for the hustle. So, to touch bases with our “Knowledge” ideology, we took a flip on the classic cat and entitled him in a logo based design with the title “Craving KNWLDGE?” In this design the blue cat holds onto a plate full of classic tuna and sardine cans filled with fruits, which are a slight reference to the Pac-man games. Each of the cans spell out our main message that “KNWLDGE Never Goes.”

Ghostly DOOM!

This design was a play on perspectives and how different people with different influences can view the same object but completely render the ideas differently. The character of “Ghostly DOOM” is Caspar, an iconic character in our culture. The reason behind why I used Caspar as the depicting character to don the metal mask was due to the fact that Caspar can be symbolic of a blank slate. I want people to interpret the design in accordance to their own life influences. For example, comic fans will easily interpret this mask as the Dr. Doom’s helmet from Fantastic Four. For movie fans, they will attribute the mask to that of Maximus of “Gladiator,” and finally for the hip-hop heads, this design can bring them straight to the living legend, MF DOOM. I’m a big fan of MF DOOM, and as we all know he has a very unique and prolific way of presenting himself. I designed Caspar with the MF DOOM Nike collaboration sneakers and the microphone as a symbol of spreading “Knowledge.”  It’s all about the wearer and what they take from it.

Inverted Brain Freeze *GLOWS in THE DARK!”

Ah yes, the return of Brain Freeze. This design is an obvious return of one of our iconic classics, which are in very low quantities in our store (here) if you haven’t ordered your self one yet. This design is the invert of our original “Brain Freeze” design, which was our way of infusing a brain with the classic crossbones in a design that didn’t come off as cheesy and unwitting. I wanted to have a brain be hidden within something attractive. I’ve had a lot of female customers going crazy over this design, and it’s always an amazement when they later learn more about our design that it is a brain contained in an ice-cream cone. I like hiding hidden details in our designs that the wearer can appreciate more. As an added bonus, each one of the Inverted Brain Freeze designs glow in the dark! Now you can glow everywhere you go, from daytime to nighttime… That’s legit.

Well that’s our spring 2010 line-up out and it’s ready to be shipped (we will have them on our online store within the week). Many hours of sleepless nights, scheming, drafting, designing, finalizing, and just plan hard-work went in to this, and I couldn’t be anymore proud! Thanks for your support.
Leave your comments below for what ever y’all want to say, and/or send me e-mail to LoyalKNG@gmail.com.