Meet our new friends, Azaneth (left) and Jahaira (right), they are both certified cupcake girls from San Antonio, TX! We stopped by their art exhibit after being attracted by the tasty cupcakes the girls had laying out on their table. We quickly realized that Azaneth and Jahaira were both talented painters with a unique and fresh art style.  Azaneth’s paintings had more cupcake influence in her pieces, while Jahaira’s paintings had more of an abstract satire of the human state.

Here are some of Azaneth’s pieces:

I’m already in love with Aza’s style of cute cupcakes juxtaposed in front of vivid contrasting colors.

Check out these creatures! From the looks of it, the happy creature seems to be teasing the sleeping creature with a cupcake in the eye. Ohhh… Sooo soothing!

Now check out these painting by Jahaira here:


A take on the classic “The Day The Earth Stood Still” possibly?

Paintings were not the only thing we found of Jahaira and Azaneth’s exhibit either, they came prepared with tasty, creamy Cupcakes!

We definitely did not hesitate in grabbing these cupcakes and gulping them down. Big thanks to Azaneth and Jahaira for the great cupcakes! If you guys want to see more art pieces by Azaneth and Jahaira check out their Myspace pages here: Azaneth and Jahaira