If y’all have been following our last few posts regarding the Sneaker Palooza hosted by Sole Boutique (Prt1 and Prt2), then you will probably know by now that this big event is much more than a sneaker collection gathering, it’s a full course meal! In this entry, I wanted to cover the hip hop dance exhibition where all the talented dancers, bboys, bgirls, and even dance crews come together to strut their talents. I wish I had videos to really give you an idea of how amazing these guys/gals are. At least we came with photos! Expect more Loyal K.N.G. video exclusive of events soon though. Go hard or go home right?

Killin’ it with this mad windmill.

Bout to warp out of this dimension!

This guy is trying to be the new Dimension Jumpa!

Doing baby windmills all day long, baby!

Dude is ripping the air up with that flare!

He’s about to show you his NINJA SKILLS!

Setting up for a BOMB attack.

I’m telling you, R. Kelly was thinking of this dude when he wrote “I Believe I Can Fly.”

Foot work on the dance floor.

Phasing into our reality like it was a normal day out in Manhattan.

Head spin attack!


That’s it for the Dancing Exhibition, totally wish we had video footage, but trust me when I say we will step our game up on this blogging joint. We are definitely having videos for our next culture documentary. Blogging ole’ school, Vlogging def’ the new school.