If y’all haven’t read the first part of the Sneaker Palooza kick exhibition then head over here, otherwise enjoy the continuation of all the sneaker festivities! Grab a cookie and a cup of coffee because today is gonna be a good day.

The elusive Carolina Nike Dunks. I was really curious as to how the collector got this pair of kicks, seeing how I first learned about them through the various blogs of influential fashionistas. Apparently all he did was answer some questions on the Nike website based off of the Carolina movie, and he was one of very few to win this Carolina exclusive kicks… Quite amazing!

The owner of that Carolina Nike Dunks is the dude in the red t-shirt.

Welcome to Greg Street.

It’s DJ Greg Street throwing up a what’s up! This dude is legend in the sneaker game, mad respect.

This was definitely one of the most creative sneaker display of the event. From what I heard, the creator created a lot of attention for creating a fruit themed display for the previous year. I kind of want to see that actually.

Look at all them Jordans in the house!

The collective Jordan heads!

Rare kicks and rare vinyl toys anyone?

Killin’ it with this Lebron James Vinyl!

Toys and kicks, what more could a collector ask for?!

This conclude the Sneaker Collection exhibit of the Sneaker Palooza, now it’s time to move on to the other area of the show. Stay tuned!