Ever wanted to express your love for destroying alien invaders on Space Invaders through your clothing? Well, thanks to the PUnk Drunkers and their team-up with DSSF, you now can — by getting your own Space Invader Jacket! Style it up with the classics while you can.

The Punk Drunkers have invaded America! DSSF has teamed up with Punk Drunkers to create a series of limited edition collaborations. These “Members Only” jacket are inspired by old school retro style and Japanese flare and funkiness. Taking a page from Space Invaders and a dash of nostalgia to create the “Players Only” Jacket. The jacket sports a coin slot zipper in the back, along with embroidered designs. Find out more about the DSSF x Punk Drunkers collaboration on our blog. Oh and did we mention that there was only 60 made. Thats right, limited edition run of 60. You can also see some more photos of the players only jacket that where taken by Scott La Rockwell

To get your own Space Invader Jacket, click here!