Definition: Splash (splsh)

1. To propel or scatter (a fluid) about in flying masses.
2. To scatter fluid onto in flying masses; wet, stain, or soil with flying fluid.
3. It’s an overly exaggerated response to a overwhelming situation. – Ricky V. (originator)

For those completely confused as to why I placed the definition of “splash” just above this sentence, please let me enlighten you. “Splash” has become something of a phenomenon in our little Loyal K*N*G (LoyalKNG) crew. So when ever someone says something overtly subdued with subliminal ambiguity, we all scream splash and Spider-man them with our imaginary web-shooters. So here’s what you do… Instead of saying “that’s what she said,” you will wait for some one to say something and just overtly scream “SPLASH!” and make the spider-man web-shooter motion with your hands, and frequently cock your web-shooters to shoot a bigger imaginary “SPLASH” load. Trust me, it’s legit. (Big thanks too Ricky V. for creating this phenomenon (Splash) and Thien V. for embedding the Spider-man imaginary web-shooting!)

So that entire post about “splash” is a buffer for a future post. Just wait for it.

Anyway, back on topic. So if you guys have been following our activity blog (here) then you may of known that the Loyal KNG crew had made a trip out to Dallas, Texas, to attend a dance workshop with Andrew Baterina and Cliff Ledesma of So Real (America’s Best Dance Crew season 2 runner-up)! Now this all happened last Saturday, which was on January 8th, 2010. And as you would expect, we made sure to take a bunch of pictures!

Of course everyone were rocking some sick-lookin’ Loyal K.N.G. shirts!

Here we are outside the Mecca Dance Center and getting ready to make our grand entrance and steal the scene!

In this picture, we can all see the crew just chilling before the workshop begins… Look at Mike Hill laying on the floor, he’s definitely ready to bust-a-groove.

They are totally serious about dancing you guys… I know these dudes personally, I really do. These dudes… They are dudes.

Mauricio L. (left), of David’s Ambassadors, and Sergio R. striking a pose.

The kids are all getting ready to rock out to some hippity-hop! We can definitely see the happy-gleam in their eyeballs.

To be continued…