So on December 30th of 2009, we held a promotional meet and greet before our big January 2, 2010,”Loyal K.N.G.: Jabbawockeez Tribute (Jabbawock33Z) Vs David’s Ambassadors (D.A.) Dance Battle.” We had little promotion for this small get together, but the turnout still ended up around 30 or more people coming out. Among those who came out a lot of the “Breeze 95.3” people came out, which made it such a delight to teach them the routines we had prepared for them. In fact, it was Brandy Priest of the Breeze who came up with the idea of holding a promotional meet and greet and a free dance lesson as a way to promote the event. And I am happy to note that it was a radical idea.

So here’s a couple of photos from the meet and greet: