wolverineoriginsaf-1This is such an awesome replica of Wolverine from X-mens Origins. This 1/6th sized action figure of Wolverine was previewed by HotToys and sculpted by Kojun and painted by JC Hong. The action figure looks so real I thought it was a movie at first when I saw it and almost skipped it. Everything on him is just so refined and detailed I don’t even know where to begin. The toy is said to be released in November of 09 so we still got a bit of time to save money.

Sculpted by Kojun and painted by JC Hong, Hot Toy proudly presents the most mouth-watering figure from the latest X-men movie franchise – “X-men Origins: Wolverine”, starred Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine, this character is the most anticipated figure you have been waiting for!


Via: HTY