I’m sure you all remember eyeonus’s map, Hunter Training. Perhaps the most helpful map that has been thus far. Well, it’s just got better, with eyeonus’s release of the completed version of Hunter Training (Final v3.0).  A must have for any versus player, or anyone who wants to test their skills.

UPDATED from v2.3 to v2.6 on July 16th, 09.
UPDATED from v2.6 to v2.8.1 on October 11th, 2009.
UPDATED from v2.8.1 to v3.0 on December 20th, 2009!

1. Hunter Training (Final 3.0)

Map Created by eyeonus (Email: eyeonus@gmail.nospam.com)

Details: “A portal-like hunter training map for teaching advanced hunter pounce techniques and the practice thereof.”

Hunter Training 3.0 readme: This map is now compatible with L4D2, although with some limitations/
For Left 4 Dead:
To play this map alone (Single Player), select “Play Single Player”, NOT “Play Campaign”, choose Hunter Training in the addon campaign list, and start the game. After some delay, you will spawn as a ghost smoker in the start room as before.

To play this map with friends (Multiplayer), select “Play Versus”, select Hunter Training in the addon campaign list, and when everyone is ready, start the game. Note that multiplayer above four people is only possible on modded servers, but up
to four people will work without issue.

For Left 4 Dead 2:
Single Player:
1) open console
2) type “map hunter_training_map versus” without the quotes
3) Press enter.

1) Put the .vpk on your server.
2) Connect to your server. You can do this either by:
a) typing “ms_dedicated_force_servers <server ip>” into console and THEN starting a Versus lobby OR
b) typing “connect <server ip>” in console, replacing <server ip> with your server’s address.

If you use method 2b, you MUST have SourceMod >= 1.4 installed, and MUST type “sm_cvar mp_gamemode versus” into console after connecting.

3) Open the console and type “rcon changelevel map_hunter_training_map” You must have rcon access on the server to do this.

The Live Fire Course is NOT playable in L4D2 without SourceMod >= 1.4 installed due to the cvar “mp_gamemode” being hidden, however, with SM installed, it works fine- albeit without displaying pounce damage.

~Click here to Download Hunter Training, by eyeonus~

Eyeonus, has also made his source files available, so at his respects, if you want these files to: Click here!

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-Loyal K.N.G.