A new trailer of a comic book adaptation of Surrogates, which stars Mr. Diehard himself, Bruce Willis, and Radha Mitchell. From the look of this trailer it really gives us a peek into how possibly awesome this movie will be, which is always a plus am I right?

Here’s some info on the Surrogates:

The Surrogates is a five-issue comic book series written by Robert Venditti, drawn by Brett Weldele, and published by Top Shelf Productions. A sequel, The Surrogates: Flesh and Bone, is scheduled for July 2009.

In the year 2054, people are using surrogates (remote-controlled artificial bodies) to interact with each other. But someone is determined to return people to their old lives instead of living through proxies. Venditti was inspired to write the ‘Surrogates’ after reading about numerous individuals who lost their spouses or their jobs due their addiction to the internet and their online personas. In an interview, he says: “It dawned on me that if you were somehow able to create a persona and send it out into the real world—where it could go to work for you, and run your errands, and so on—then you would never have to go back to being yourself.”