I’m sure most of you remember Chinatown from Call of Duty 4’s map pack, well, thanks to HOGRampage, you can play Chinatown once again, but with zombies in his newest map release of Nazi Zombie Chinatown! Really is quite a treat for any Modern Warfare or Nazi Zombie lover.

1. Nazi Zombie Chinatown

Map Created by HOGRampage

Details: “This map is based off of the Call of Duty 4 map “Chinatown”. It contains Verruckt features and a lot of custom scripts. The zombies look different to match the “Chinatown” feel. There is a buyable ray gun in the map. This map also has a lot of playable areas.


– Buyable mortars are placed around the map, and also added them to the random weapon box (they do not replace a primary weapon now)
– Supply crates are placed around the map so you can buy ammo for any weapon
– Rain, thunder, lightning, and other weather effects
– Perk-a-Cola machines
– Power switch and Electroshock Defenses
– Mounted machine guns
– And more!

Simply extract to:
(XP) C:Documents and SettingsYOUR_PROFILELocal SettingsApplication DataActivisionCoDWaWmods
(Vista) C:UsersYOUR_PROFILEAppDataLocalActivisionCoDWaWmods


~Click here to Download Nazi Zombie Chinatown~

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For more Updates, Mods, and Maps for Call of Duty, click here!

– Loyal K.N.G.