You know what day it is? That’s right, April 22nd! And do you know what that means? Correct, it’s Earth Day! The day we all gather around a hand cranked camp flashlight, and support our sweet mother Earth in staying healthy, and strong. It’s not just for our planet either, but also for our future children, and their potential children, and then their potential children, and so-on, and-so-forth. That way they live their lives with more, then having nothing left. To honor this day, and our future, I bring you the Top 10 Things that are Green (That we could also use more of)!

10. Green Teeth


I’m sure everyone has one of these moments where right after you take a bite out of some yummy greens, and find yourself with some stylish green teeth (or grylls in more modern terms).

9. Green Beans


Everyone’s favorite green bean!  With more of these, world hunger is as good as gone.

8. Green Cheese


Cheese needs a bit more color in their spectrum.  Always yellow, or a pale white, it needs something that will make it really pop, and what better then green?

7. Emeril Green


You gotta love Emeril, he’s been bam-ing up the top of the line green foods even before he hit the screen! (Though I do miss his little catch phrase on his new show Emeril Green..)

6. Locally Grown Greens!


Come on, people!  We can’t keep the Bush hungry! (Just a amusing little tid bit of the truth)

5. Cute Green Toys


With more of these cute little guys, who could be mad~ Their just so cute!

4. Tom Green


Tom Green, because he cares about keeping the green, green.

3. Green Aliens!


Green aliens, HOOOOOOOOO!

2. Green Eggs & Ham


We should learn from Dr. Seuss.  Green eggs & ham is what we want.

1. Green Jobs


Now, for a more serious note.  We need more green jobs out there to help save our world!  Like we discussed earlier, we need to do something to keep our planet alive, and striving, so our children, and their children can enjoy their life the best they can.  And hopefully, they will thank us.

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