New collection for the second part of Hellz Bellz Spring series has just been released, and this line-up is entitled “Renegades of the Funks.” So if you ladies or even guys (just rock a large) out there that wanna keep up with your swag, then definitely check out this line up of all the beautiful, vibrant, and badass clothing! Check out the line-up and purchase info over @ Hellz-Bellz here.

Here’s an excerpt from Hellz Bellz regarding this release of “Renegades of the Funks”:

Hellz™ presents the second installment of our Spring ‘09 collection, Renegades of Funk, a tribute collection to the Electro-Sound of the 80’s in NYC. Paying homage to the string of electro 12? records by Soul Sonic Force & Afrika Bambaataa, including our all time favorite, Renegades of Funk, a song which truly stood on its own without trying to sound (or no sound) like Planet Rock or Looking For the Perfect Beat. It was a song that was a beat of its own, a beat that the Hellz woman can nod to!!!

Adding color to our often dark color schemes, the new palette took onto shape during a long day at work, when Renegades of Funk was on the tunes, inspiring a vibrant, cultural, funk style often synonymous Bambaataa. Even with the infusion of brighter colors and femme silhouettes, Hellz’ imaginary muse; the badass woman is very much present with her toughness all but heightened by the juxtaposition of soft and hard fabrications.