I hope you guys still remember this gem of a map. Heaven can wait, is back once again, and its locked and loaded with one new campaign map, along with some nice tweaking.

1. Heaven can wait (Complete 8.0)

Map Created by Romka, SubFocuS

Details: After air crash the survivors turn out to be in most epicenter of the contamination. Military have already left the attempts to rescue all survivor people in this region.

5/5 Maps Available
– AirCrash v5.4 (By Romka)
– RiverMotel v5.2 (By Romka)
– Outskirts v2.8 (By Romka)
– City Hall v5.1 (By AGRESSOR & Romka)
– Bomb Shelter v2.0(By Romka)

How to play Heaven can wait DevPack – Contains external files and folders.
Copy required files, open console ~ and type “map AirCrash_test5-1”.

~Click here to Download~


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