Is it just me, or does anyone else smell some chemical romance flying around? It looks like Sakura from Naruto has found a new boy-toy, and his name is “Barf” (parody of Bart Simpson), I mean “Bart”.

Move over Sasuke and Naruto, Sakura is dating outside her realm of existence; since it appears as if no man within the Narutoverse can please her. This all started when Nickelodeon Magazine first spotted the sweet little Sakura Haruno in the manga section of “The Android’s Dungeon” with one Bart Simpson. They supposedly met when Lisa dated Naruto, but have since split up due to Naruto’s habit of screaming Sasuke’s name during sex.

Cupid struck after Bart had a bad accident on his skateboard; Sakura then used her medical jutsu to help heal him. She states “He’s like Sasuke with a little less smarts.” Which I have to admit is pretty insulting to both Sasuke and Bart. Who knows how long this couple will stay together, but all I know is that Bart is a vast improvement to any of the competition; besides Rock Lee, she should date Rock Lee. You can check out the article snippet in the gallery after the jump, or pick it up at your local news stands.

This is one crazy story, I never knew Naruto wasn’t a VIRGIN!

Via: JPN