Man, I’m totally freaking out! It seems like Japan has made a life size Mobile Suit Gundam for a 30th Anniversary Project. This thing is 59 ft tall and has 14 different location that will be shooting out mist. This is so wicked.

The “life size” Gundam is the replica RX-78-2, the Gundam from the very first anime series in 1979. It will be built with a fiberglass-reinforced plastic over steel, along with a head that is able to move. Around the body, there will be 50 spots where there will be light, as well as mist shooting out from 14 different locations. It’s free to the public but it’ll only be up for two months. I’m happy to say that it seems I’ll be in Japan at that time to see it so I’ll definitely do a coverage of it.


Via: G3A