We all eat cereal, well, atleast in one point in time we have. So, I’m sure everyone has their favorite choice in flaky goodness. Today’s top 10, I’ll be listing the best of the best cereals of all time: The Top 10 Awesome Cereals!


Wild Animal Crunch,  it’ll make your geeky friends green with panda flavors!


Eating this would be like kissing all 4 KISS’s at once! Kiss-a-licious!


William Shatner must be jealous. With all his Yellow Book skills he couldn’t negotiate on to this cereal box.


Ever wonder how it would be like to eat cereal in the good ol’days when hammering barrels turned into cereal?  I do to.


“I feel sorry for the fow that doesn’t eat my crunchy Mr.T cereal, bub!”  It even comes with a authentic Mr.T sticker!


Look at Obama smile, he’ll be having you screaming O’s like “Oh noes, Obama O’s!”!


That’s right.  Oatmeal just got pwned, by a head.


Corn flakes… Their.. Phelphs-a-licous?


Flipping awesome, Zombie Guts for breakfast!  You’ll be puking your own guts after breakfast!


Now this is what I call delicious.  A guaranteed rise in blood pressure, and tons of head flavor at that.  Who wouldnt want a “CRUNCH” or two?

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