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Call of Duty 5 World at War Mod Tool & Modern Weapons Mod! Finally World War II with Modern Weapons!

call-of-duty-5-modern-weaponsNow, I know a lot of you have been waiting for this.  Finally you can use modern weapons in Call of Duty World at War; with the use of this new mod, “Nazi Zombie Modern Weapons”!   Zombie killing has never been so sweet.  Along with this new mod, we have a tool for all of you who are hosting your own server.  This tool lets you change and operate your server wherever you are in the world (For both World at War, and Modern Warfare)!  Now that’s just nifty.

1. Nazi Zombie Modern Weapons (Beta release) (Created by Way2Evil)
Details: “This is the beta release of the nazi zombie modern weapons mod.
It replaces allmost all weapons in the nazi zombie mode with modern weapons.
Read the readme.txt for more info and help.”
Click here to Download Nazi Zombie Modern Weapons!


2. AGRcon v1.0
Details: “Those of you familiar with ModernRcon will immediately recognize the easy-to-use and feature-rich user interface AGrcon inherits. The most important distinction AGrcon currently has from its predecessor is the added Call of Duty: World at War support. Now, server admins of both CoD4 and/or CoD:WaW PC servers can remotely control their servers from anywhere in the world!

* Feature Parity support for CoD4 & CoD:WaW servers!
* Rcon Limiter! Give clan mates lesser Rcon access!
* Save servers to a server list.
* Realtime in-game chat monitoring! (PBUCON)
* View server information (gametype, map, name, players, etc).
* Kick, Ban, TempBan, Message, Private Message, and monitor players.
* Kick, Ban, Screenshot, and more via PunkBuster controls.
* Restart Map, FastRestart Map, Load next map.
* Load a selected map from a list of maps.
* Load custom maps!
* Config Builder tool for creating server configs.
* Set a new gametype when loading a map from a list.
* Configure all basic settings, including Hardcore mode, Autobalance, Friendly Fire, etc.
* Set or remove server passwords
* Manually enter commands into the console and read responses.
* Configure all aspects of all supported gametypes.
* View / modify map rotation settings. Easy tools like Rotation Builder exist!
* Send messages to the server.
* Send messages to individual players.
* Setup rotating messages to display to the server on an interval.
* Save message rotations.
* Auto-update player list for easy server monitoring.”
Click here to Download AGRcon!


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For more Updates, Mods, and Maps for Call of Duty, click here!

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