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Fallout 3 Mod Utilities! Mod Installer, Windows LIVE Disabler, Intro Screen Disabler, And More!


Some more mods for Fallout 3!  These utility mods will help make your lives easier, by doing all the hard work of installing/archive/manage/etc all of your mods and instillation.  There is also a mod to remove the intro screen of the game, along with the disabling of Window’s live to keep it from effecting the game.

1. F3ArcInv (All thanks to JustSweN)
Description: “Utility scans “Data” folder of game and generates file ArchiveInvalidation.txt, as list of all files in “Data” folder.”
Download here


2. Fallout mod manager (All thanks to Timeslip)
Description: “A collection of utilities related to both creating and using mods. Current features include:
– One click mod installation and removal
– Setting active mods and changing load order.
– Extracting bsa’s
– Repacking bsa’s
– Low level esp editor and script compiler (TESsnip)
– sdp editor”

Download here



3. Games for Windows LIVE Disabler (All thanks to Quarn)
Description: “This program allows you to do the following to Games for Windows LIVE in Fallout 3:
-Stop Games for Windows LIVE from running in Fallout 3.
-Remove the “LIVE: button at the main menu.
-Allow you to bind the “Home” key to whatever in-game action you want.”

Download here



4. Intro Screen Disabler (All thanks to Quarn)
Description: “This mod will disable the annoying intro screens you see when Fallout 3 starts but unfortunatly the animation nif that controls them also controls new pictures sliding in at the main menu and when loading a new area, in short those will be disabled too. You’ll only see the default picture at the main menu/area loading (guy in a power suit).”

Download here



5. FO3 Archive Utility (All thanks to ScripterRon)
Description: “This is a BSA archive utility for Fallout 3. You can display the files in an archive, extract all files from the archive, extract selected files/directories from the archive, and create a new archive. This program requires the Java 1.6 runtime.”

Download here

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