These are some mods that help entertain your Fallout 3 life. Giving you some new poses to do in-game, and even some spiffy new dance moves.

1. Creature Poses (Thanks to Backsteppo)
Description: “It will add some crappy poses for creatures.

1. Open console.
2. Click or PRID to select creature.
3. Type playidle dec01(to 06), dog01(to 03), sb01(to 05), smb01(to 02)
5. That’s all.

decXX for DeathClaw.
dogXX for Dog.
sbXX for SuperMutant.
smbXX for SuperMutantBehemoth.

sb04 for p80 in SomePoses.”

Download here


2. Pair Poses (Thanks to Backsteppo)
Description: “It will add some crappy poses for pair.

1. Open console.
2. Click or “PRID” to select character.
3. Adjust each character’s angle, position, height.
4. Type “PlayIdle Pairxx(a/b)” (xx=01 to 11) to each character.
5. That’s all.

To reset idle anim, type “PlayIdle Reset”

Useful Console Commands:
GetPos (x/y/z) -> Shows position of the selected reference.
SetPos (x/y/z) -> Sets position of the selected ref.
GetAngle (x/y/z) -> Shows angle.
SetAngle (x/y/z) -> Sets angle.
SetRestrained (1/0) -> A value of 1 will be restrained.
ToggleFootIK (tfik) -> Toggles Foot IK system.
ToggleLookIK (tlik) -> Toggles Look IK system.
Basically, All your character are belong to IK.
This mean every character’s foot and head(NPC only) are under the controll of Foot and Look Inverse Kinematics.
So, you can play animation just as designed by turn off them.(sometimes, Look IK makes funny result)”

Download here


3. Umpa Animation Beta (Thanks to Umpa)
Description: Adds additional animations, such as dancing and poses.

Download here

4. Some Poses (Thanks to Backsteppo)
Description: “It will add some crappy poses.

1. Open console.
2. Type “TFC”
3. Click or PRID to select PC or NPC.
4. Type PlayIdle pxx (xx = 01 to 93)
5. That’s all.
(If you want to draw NPC weapon, select NPC and type “SetAlert” in console.)

You can play other animation while animation(like Umpa’s one).
and you can also reset animation immediately by “PlayIdle Reset” command.

Some poses are designed with weapon.
p01,16,24,29,30 for melee weapon.
p03,04,06,10,38,60 for 1hand pistol.
p22,34,69 for 1hand melee weapon.
p23,25,26 for pool cue.
p32 for Alexscorpions Tactical Ak 103.
p35 for especially Police Baton or Crowbar.
p40,42 for Rifles.
p51 for bathtub.
p61 for Flamer.
p62 for The Wrench.
p63 for .44 Magnum or something.
p64 for Minigun.
p65 for especially Scoped Hunting Rifle.
p66 for especially Aluminum Bat.
p67 for 2hand launcher weapon.
p68 for especially 1337martyrs GrenadeLauncher.
p71,72,73 for Umpa’s Guitar weapon.
p78 for Crutch in Wasteland Wear Killing Tools.
p80 for sb04 in CreaturePoses.
p92 for Sheriff’s hat.
p93 for sunglasses.”

Download here


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