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Fallout 3 Sound & Music Mods! Play What You Want, When You Want!


Sometimes I find it hard to get immersed into Fallout 3.  The weak sounds of some of the weapons, and the music that loops in very little variety, always kept me from really enjoying the game.  So today I bring to you, some mods I used to help make my gaming experience more enjoyable. So those of you who have the same problem, can enjoy to.

1. Custom Galaxy Radio (Thanks to falloutmonkey916)
Description: This mod lets you put in your own mp3 music for the Galaxy News Radio. Up to 20 different soundtracks are available for you to fill.

Download here

2. Fallout 3 Classic Music Mod (Thanks to Quemaqua)
Description: Into classical music? Well this mod does a great job of playing some classical songs (included in the mod), that not only sound enjoyable, but helps immerse you into the game (Even more then the default music, in my opinion). The mod creator put a lot of hard hours into this mod, and it really payed off.

Download here

3. Realistic Gunshot Sounds (Thanks to Honnou)
Description: Some of you might not like the sounds of the weapons in the game. This mod changes them up, so they sound much more realistic. Can’t feel bada** when you feel like you’re poping a cap gun, right?

Download here

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