You guys all know them, they’re there when you need them, gone when you kill them, and always happy to make your entertainment to pleasure themselves as well.  NPCs (Non-playable-character) are all those things and more!   Today to help honor our happy NPC’s (you guys as well), I’m going to list the top 10 NPC mods!  Things that not only help make your Fallout 3 life easier, but also more entertaining.   Well lets just get to the fun~

1. Lil Critters (Thanks to cobalt262)

This adds a little verity between what critters you can kill from. This mod adds different sized creatures of the same kind, mirelurks, gouls, yao guai, mole rats, deathclaw, scorpions (big-big-big-scorpions), and mole rats. Now you can go off and destroy a whole family for fun!

Download here

2. Wadsworth and Godfrey- Choose your Robot (Thanks to Adiuvo)

Well, I’m sure you guys have noticed, but your robot butler is quite a big fella. If your like me, then that gets annoying pretty fast. Luckily this mod lets you choose from four different robot butlers, Robobrain, Protectron, Enclave Eyebot, and Sentry Bot. Of course these robots still retain the old charm the default butler had.

Download Godfreys
Download Wadsworths

3. Tchos Better Bittercup – spooky goth girl (Thanks to Tchos)

This pretty much makes the NPC Bittercup look like how she talks/described. Always seemed to iche at me since Bittercup looked like anything but who she was.


Download here

4. mjy area 51 (Thanks to mjy)

This mod adds female and male aliens in Willy’s grocer, close to Tenpenny tower. Expect some pretty rough battles through here, and traps as well. Pretty much whole race for you to gun down for fun. Of course getting some nice items in the process to.

Download here

5. Killable Children (Thanks to Neclipse)

Now this is what we’ve all been looking forward to. I literally almost went as far as to slapped some mama’s after playing through Fallout with the nagging of kids in my mouth. Thanks to lovely mod, kids are now killable, and that means one thing. Let them push you around, you have a gun, and they’re not wearing protection.

Download here

6. Eagle Strikes the Nest (Thanks to Bloodhonor)

To make the game a little more interesting, this mod adds the Talon Company mercs/Chinese military, to start taking over the D.C. area in groups. Of which are both armed, and ready to hunt you down, if spotted. Just a fun mod to ease off on the redundant raiders and lonely walks.

Download here

7. Essential No More (Thanks to JohnGrimm)

You know how some NPCs get unconscious when you try to kill them? Well with this mod, they are now kill-able. Just a nice bit fun to killing more NPC’s that may or may not get on your nerves.

Download here

8. Mannequins (Thanks to AndyW1384)

This adds the feature of having mannequins. You can put your armor/weapons on them, show off a whole variety of different equipment. Also a nice way to keep your equipment organized, if your not to great at remembering what the set is called, or where you put it.

Can be bought at:
Moira Brown (Craterside Supplies in Megaton), or
Bannon (Rivet City Market), or
Crow (travelling merchant), or
Lydia Montenegro (Tenpenny Towers), or from
Michael Masters (Tenpenny Towers).

Download here

9. Sungo Vault Girls (Thanks to sungo)

Now this is a nice little chunk of goodness. A nice array of different clothing for all the vault dwellers (female anyways). From kids to adults, this mod adds a fetish look to all of them.

Download here

10. All Real NPC Names (Thanks to Facistinabag)


This is a simple mod that makes all NPC’s in Megaton, Lamplighters, Paradise Falls, and Underworld, have real names.  No longer do they have no name~

Download here

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