Holy *dolphin noises.* I think I just wet my pants. Sorry about that disturbing thought, but I must assure you, it was for good reasons. Please allow me to reveal a secret secrecy about myself for a bit. As a young lad growing up, I, like many normal young boys(excluding the ones that got into the Barbies), was fascinated by the likes of Power Rangers(The Originals!), Barney(PURPLE T-REX?!), and, of course, DINO-Friggin’-Saurs! So now you will understand the reasons as to why this revelation gets me all giddy in the pants! Doh’

On to the subject at hand. The awesomeness that is Puma has just released a series of shoes (kicks for you sneaker-heads or Kaiju-Kicks for you Godzilla Sneaker-heads) based on the infamous Gozilla brand! These shoes are designed and tailored to the liking of killer monsters such as, the iconic, Godzilla, the devilish hydra, Ghidorah, the elegant moth, Mothra, the metallic-zilla, Mecha-Godzilla, and the big luggin’ monkey that we all love, King Kong! All these Kaiju shoes range from low-tops to hi-tops, and for special reasons, Godzilla is very hi-top. Oh yeaaa, boi! These kicks will be available in selected retail stores at a very steep price (not yet known, but probably 100-150$ *guesstimate*) and will be very, very limited. So for all the Kaiju Monster lovers and or Sneaker collectors, these are sneaker releases you can not friggin’ miss… I for one will stay on top of it for a Godzilla kick!

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