Pokemon have been around for ages now, and still, I have yet to see a list worthy of showing the best of the best.  Without further a-do, thanks to fans like you, I bring the top 10 Pokemon of all time! (Special thanks to Kupo Kupo)

10. Togepi


Who couldn’t love this cute little egg-thing?  With it’s little red and blue shape’s on its little shell, makes you just want to eat it up.

9. Pikachu


Don’t really know what to say here..  After finding out Pikachu was a meat-eater, I’ve had no choice but to toss her on the list.

8. Jigglypuff


Ok, we all know this sexy little puff-ball is cute as it gets.  Just look at her huffing and puffing, its adorable!

7. Snorlax

pokemon-snorlaxI actually couldn’t find a picture of good’ol Snorlax, so I got the next best thing.  I think it worked pretty well.

6. Charizard


This is what I call style.  If only he had his wings to show off his new moves, now that would be awesome.

5. Slowpoke

pokemon-slowpokeNothing beats the laziness of slowpoke.  Just look at it, you can’t help but want to snuggle it down and sleep the day away.

4. Psyduck


I’ve learned to improvise in times like these.

3. Brock

pokemon-brockNow that’s just funny, lol.

2. Magikarp


Can’t ever go wrong with Magikarp. He’s like the only fish out there that can walk on two leggs, and swim in mid air!

1. Mr.Mime


I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.  Mr.Mime has evolved.

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