Hey Heroes fans! This will be the first article I post up since I created the new edition to the Loyal K*N*G specifically aimed toward Heroes! Yay!

Onward to the article itself now. This just in, I have finally discovered that Hiro has a long lost twin! And he is among us, out of the universe of Heroes! What, what??!! You might be asking? Same here. I am completely flabbergasted at such an amazing predicament! The person that I am referring to as Hiro‘s long lost waffle brother is none other then the famous designer, Takashi Murakami! If you guys aren’t familiar with this dude in real life, I will help get you up to speed. Here’s a brief synopsis of who future Hiro‘s brother is:

“Takashi Murakami (Murakami Takashi, born 1 February 1962 in Tokyo, Kant? region), is a prolific contemporary Japanese artist who works in both fine arts media, such as painting, as well as digital and commercial media. He attempts to blur the boundaries between high and low art. He appropriates popular themes from mass media and pop culture, then turns them into thirty-foot sculptures, “Superflat” paintings, or marketable commercial goods such as figurines or phone caddies.

Interesting in deed! Hmmm.. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe they aren’t twins. What if Takashi Murakami is actually Hiro, who is still stuck back in the past and aged 16 years later to the present, that is today. And in the mean while, Hiro changes his name and takes up a profession as a famous designer! This shiz is friggin’ INSANE! Some other interesting tid-bit about Takashi Murakami; Did you guys know that he designed Kanye West’s Graduation Album Cover?

Dang, I don’t know if this is his twin or not, or even the actual Hiro from the past! But this begs one question. WILL THE NEXT EPISODE OF HEROES S3 E13 EXPLAIN TO US IN MORE DETAILS REGARDING THE LONG LOST WAFFLE TWIN/ OR FUTURE/PAST HIRO? Regarding Takashi/Hiro’s true origin well this all be explored?! AT THIS MOMENT! AT THIS TIME! Is he truly the twin, whom was separated from birth, or is he truly Hiro who was stuck in the past 16 years from now? Now my mind will proceed to explode.

Why don’t you guys drop me a comment and let me know what you think of all this? Is it retarded? Is it a genius discovery? Or is it just simply one too much kool-aid.

What do you think about my theory of Hiro's Twin/New Alter Ego?

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