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Alright you gals/guys! As usual today is December 8th, 2008. And that means Heroes Season 3 Episode 12 “Our Father” has just finished airing. So here is the weekly commentary, review, and analysis for this week’s Heroes!

On this week’s Heroes Episode which is titled “Our Father,” reflects one of the key aspect of this episode’s plot points. I’m thinking the writers wanted to tie-in the fact that Sylar is now doing his Season 1 thing again and going out to eat Brains for no friggin’ apparent reasons. Oh wait, that’s right, there is a reason, and that reason is that Arthur been pulling the strings with Sylar, who apparently isn’t Sylar’s real father, duh. This is so maddening, not just two episodes ago did Heroes revealed that Sylar’s power is deeper then cutting heads up. But, no, Sylar refuses to follow with the fact that he has the ability to take a person’s power with out the absurd need of chopping someone’s dome up. This really bothers the snot out of me, what was the point of showing future Gabriel, the nice Sylar, and his son. And what the crap was the point of having Sylar slice Elle up. We all know he already had her powers, kind of a waste to eat her brains and lose some nice booty-buddy over some insignificant family issues. And Elle will be the best booty-buddy Sylar will ever have… The whole Bonnie and Clyde taking over the world thing has died and burned, and I for one will miss it, slightly. Along with Sylar’s ordeal, we also have Peter struggling to find his purpose and usefulness again. Unfortunately for Peter, being useful involves killing and exacting revenge on his overpowered father. Then Finally, we have Mr. Nathan who wants to be a puppet, by not being a puppet. Yea I know what your thinking, it’s killing my brain too.

So in the beginning of tonight’s Heroes we are taken back to where last week’s episode ended, where Hiro and Claire are witnessing the moment where Noah is given Claire as the assignment.  In these scenes, I really enjoyed the pairing of Claire and Hiro, this would actually be the first time these two characters met one another. Personally, I felt there were many great moments shared between the two characters. I loved the concept of a (mentally) ten year old Hiro chatting it up with Claire in Japanese (ah, the hilarity that comes with language barriers). It’s cool to see the dynamic that is sparked when Hiro and Claire do their thing, it makes me hope that their pairing is brought back together in the future Heroes episodes. In my opinion, this would be a total delight.

In these scenes after Claire and Hiro watches as Noah receives baby Claire, we find that Hiro hears his mother’s voice and chooses to follow it toward her, while Claire follows along. And who would of known? As we get the first glimpse of Hiro’s mother, only one thing springs to mind, and it’s about how amazingly hot Hiro’s mother is! Straight MILF. But, jokes aside, we catch Hiro’s father (Sulu AKA George Takei AKA that Japanese dude with the really low voice) discussing to Hiro’s mother (Super fine lady!) about the arrangement to give the catalysts to baby Claire. Well, it’s Hiro’s father that wants to do this, while Hiro’s mother rather the catalyst be moved to Hiro. After all this chit-chat happens Hiro and Claire part ways and plans to regroup at the same location. Following this scene, Hiro actually bumps into his pops, but unknowingly, Mr. Sulu mistaken Hiro for a cook. Now here is where many issues begin to become apparent. With the rules of Time Travel, there are such thing as the “butterfly effect,” where even the killing of a butterfly can warp and distort the future immensely. So, I’m thinking since Mr. Sulu inadvertently bumped into Hiro, this should be the end of the friggin’ world ten times over. But it’s not, obviously. The end of the world is for next season, as always. And what about that vow that Hiro gave at the beginning of this season, regarding about NOT to travel back to the past again? Oh wait, that’s right, Hiro made that vow pre-losing his flippin’ mind.

Moving on to the next scenes, we find Sylar pouring oil all over Elle right after the controversial head slicing. And then he, ironically, uses his electric powers that he gained from Elle pre-head cuttin’ and light Elle’s body up. Now I’m dead sure she ain’t coming back. Oh wait that’s right, unless some one wants to do some time traveling! The writers are nuts. I just don’t understand the need to build a relationship between Elle and Sylar (which technically lasted for 2-3 episodes…), only to have Sylar go “Season 1” on her booty and eat her brains.  What a waste of a perfectly good lover, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. At least for Sylar, he got some lovin’ unlike *ahem* our poor fuglified Suresh and Mr. Oblivious Matt Parkman.

Continuing onward, Sylar is now moving out to find out the truth about whether Arthur or the whole entire Petrelli family is really his family or not. And the way for him to figure this out is by visiting a short-lived hero, Sue Landers. Honestly, at first I was like WTF at the idea of the writers making Sylar a good guy… then another WTF for making Sylar a Petrelli, and now once again with withdrawing Sylar from being either a good guy or a flippin’ Petrelli. I was actually hoping to see more action between Peter and Sylar, and less of Nathan and Peter… Since that got really stupid, as the plot between them are always a egocentric one (Who has the bigger ball-sack). I’m going to take a wild guess that both Nathan and Peter gets along again, only to split back apart due to the reemerging discussion about who has the bigger ball-sack that never cease to end.



Heroes s3 e12 “Our Father” Review Pt.2; Haitian Finally Put to Good Use!

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