It’s that time again people! Today is November 24, 2008 and Heroes Season 3 Episode 10 “The Eclipse” Part 1 of 2, just aired. So I will be bringing you my commentary on today’s episode of Heroes.

Proceed with Caution! As usual SPOILERS ARE EVERYWHERE.

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On today’s episode aptly titled “The Eclipse” which, I guess, is some sloppy way the writers are going to correlate some of the key story-plots of the 1st Season to tie in with the 3rd Season. For example, the obvious meaning behind the eclipse. The Eclipse giveth and the Eclipse taketh away. That is generally the whole scheme for this episode.

Lets begin. The episode opens up with a scene with Sylar perfecting his newly attained ability along with Elle’s assistance. Sadly for Sylar, he is blowing things out of proportion when trying to perfect this technique. He goes into whiny mode as Elle tries to assure him that he will gain perfection eventually and should just chill out till then.  It’s obvious in these scenes that Sylar is being a little more serious in mastering his skills so that he can gain the respect of his newly discovered father, Arthur Petrelli.  This really doesn’t correlate with me seeing how it is just electricity and all he would really need to do is point and say “zap.” But this is beside the point. After a bit of chit-chat between Sylar and Elle, Arthur orders Sylar to capture Claire, who we found out at the end of the last episode that she was the third and last component to finalizing the superpower formula. Obviously, Elle begs to tag along and she does.

We cut to the next scene where we see Nathan and Peter blabbering about their plans to defeat their wicked father. Which coincidentally involves a Haitian… that has the power to stop other super human’s powers. Wow your telling me they didn’t think of this idea back when they were fighting Sylar in season 1? And it took them till season 3 to implement this… Heroes are stupid, but I digress I have a special place for them in my very cold and brittle heart. To cut this short scene even shorter, Nathan takes his emo brother, Peter, on his back and fly’s to some obscure tropical jungle in some far-out land.  Yea I know… when I type it out like that it sounds really goofy but that’s what happened, I promise.

Next we get a very gruesome and sickening scene of Suresh scavenging in the body of what I thought, in the last episode, to be Hobo-Colossus’s (but Other says otherwise). Afterward, we get to see Suresh look in disgust at his scales and pus filled arms and whine like he has been since he injected himself with that weirdo drug. For a man of science, he sure doesn’t think about the consequences… It’s like standing in front of a gamma ray and being shot in hopes of being able to turn into the Incredible Hulk… but in reality you would just die… In a later scene in this episode, we catch Suresh talking to himself in his tiny recorder. Which always seems goofy to me… It’s like they were compensating a human being in that little recorder of Suresh… The strange thing that happen afterward was when he put himself into a cocoon… and woke up fully healed with all scales and pus-ness gone, including his abilities. None the less, Suresh feels good. So good that he’s about to make a booty call. So he looks up his ole palo Maya on his little database. But unfortunately for him, he has to put the action on hold, as Arthur is now forcing him to find out why everyone has lost their powers.

Continuing onward, we are sent to a scene with Parkman and Daphne (Speedster Chick). As usual a argument arises as Daphne tries to squeeze Parkman, of all his inner man, until he’s all man out and becomes a tiny, wussy smurf blurting out everything he can to make Daphne feel happier in hopes of leading to some action later on (or so Parkman wishes to believe). I’m joking.  But to break this horrible tension, our two favorite Squinter Hiro and Ando, knocks at the door and introduces themselves, including the comic that will save the world! Seriously, if they figured that the comic predicted the future. Why don’t they just chill out and have a sip of kool-aid, and actually read the whole comic. Instead of acting like everything is all spontaneous, like it wasn’t all apart of the comic book’s plan.  Owells the comic book concept is unique, but that always bothered me. Cut this scene short Hiro learns a new word “Holy CRAP!” and Daphne is in shock that Ando is not dead, then Daphne has a panic attack about Parkman not trusting her and she scrambles to her home in some weird cornfields. Hiro warps the group (Parkman and Ando) to her place, due to the comic book’s almighty plan of know-it allness. Then we have Parkman get hit by alot of Corns by Hiro who has just lost all his power due to the Eclipse. And this somehow encourages a hopeless Parkman to gain the balls to go help Daphne in her troubling time. Which then reveals that with her lost of power she’s actually… crippled. That was kind of sad and surprising, for a while there I thought she was going to become two-face.

We cut to the next story segment with Claire and Noah. Noah is training Claire in the art of swinging random wooden boards against a pillar. Nice, because in a world full of dangerous people with powers like telekinesis, fire balls, electric balls, and even at one point the power to create a huge gaping black hole, the art of wacking people with a wooden board is always a nifty trick to master.

While all this is happening we have a surprise visit by Elle who tries to use her power at Noah and Claire, but is shocked to find that she can’t shock people no more. Well of course, because the eclipse took everyone’s powers away, even Sylar’s. Oh and a power less Sylar + Elle vs one human Noah equals 2 butts wiped clean. Thats right HRG owns up he even dislodges Sylars arm out of his shoulder and probably gave him a minor concussion. Not only that, but he gave Elle a massive wack-in-the-face… Which I figured would disfigure her in some ways because that was a massive-wack. But nope, not a bruise… or a scratch. Elle is as Hot as she started in this show, which is passable for such dumbness like this happening. Unfortunately, prior to the booty-kicking Noah dishes out. Claire took a shot for HRG when he was fired at by Elle. And as the story rings same, she felt the hurt.

Subsequently, we have one more story-sequence to cover before the cliff-hanger and it involves our favorite hero brothers, Nathan and Peter. In this scene, we have a filler plot as usual. Nathan falls into the water along with Peter, due to Nathan loss of his powers.  Nathan gets lost and Peter whines. Brotherly fighting ensues. Then Haitian pops up to ask them for help against his brother who has the power of impenetrable skin… which just so happens to be Luke Cage’s power from the Marvel Universe, if your a fellow fan. After this meet up, the new formed crew (Haitian, Nathan, Peter) starts running away from a group of nice fellows strapped with guns like Rambo, blasting every which way and completely missing the obstacles.  Concluding this with Nathan getting his butt captured.

Now to the lead up before the cliff hanger! Sylar, who is still in pain due to his dislodged arm, has his arm popped back in by Elle. Then we continue on with some blah-blah, then the epic dirty finger licking kiss! Sylar don’t play around. This is Heroes’ Bonnie and Clyde pair… and its obvious, they just want to take over the world!

So we shoot back to the scene with Claire being wounded from the shot and some sentimental things are being exchanged between Claire and HRG. That’s all nice and dandy, but as soon as Claire passes out HRG is out of the house. And where does he goes? He’s heading to the exact place Elle and Sylar are smooching. In the final scenes, we find Claire in more deep trouble then expected, but of course, we all knew it was going to happen. Finally, the episode ends off with Noah on top of a rooftop with a sniper gun aimed at Sylar’s and Elle’s Head…. Wow that’s a cliffhanger right there. Will Noah take the shot? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Honorable mention! Almost forgot! Hiro and Ando warps to a comic book store after finishing the last comic to find out what the next plan at hand would be. And the surprise here is SETH GREEN and that dude from Garfield! Looks like Seth is a owner of the comic book place and along with the Garfield dude. Looks like they will be playing counter parts to Hiro and Ando. I am definitely looking forward to the hilarity that comes from this line up. I hope.

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