I have to admit, this anime blew me off my seat a few times at just how much it had to offer. What was to come definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. In short, for a anime with a army of women, its more then just manly.

This is what I call real eye-candy. The animation itself is at a steady 30fps, and beautifully rendered at that. Don’t be disillusioned by the main characters in the anime being women, if I could say anything, that just adds on to what makes the show amazing! Seriously, if your a lover of gore and action, this is the way to go. Just to warn you, expect some crazy dismemberment, and buckets of blood spewing everywhere. Definitely not for the faint of heart, and Hello Kitty fans.

Not only is this anime appealing to the eyes, its even more immersing in storytelling. Can’t go slaughtering everything without a reason, maybe? In a nutshell, a corporation, (like a government?) uses the Claymores (army of women) to do their biding without a exact reason. Of course doing anything without proper reasoning brings wandering eyes. The show also strives off vengeance, glory, power, that whole bit, which of course doesn’t hurt the storytelling in anyway. If anything it just amplifies the shows craziness.

In the end, whether you like your anime’s flashy/gory, or with a nice storyline to go with it, this one can’t do you wrong. That is if anything more then a nose bleed is to much for you. ;D

Anime Run Time: April 3, 2007- September 25, 2007

Episodes: 26

Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Action

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