Black Friday is now just around the corner! (This Friday, November 28, 2008), and we have some of the best deals to increase your “size”!

From smallest to largest, first comes the Seagate S305004FDA1E1RK 500GB FreeAgent External USB 2.0 Desktop Hard Drive, from Walmart!  For only $69 compared to the original $112.88, this gives you a nice little chunk of happiness! ~More Info~

Second is the Western Digital My Book Home Edition External Hard Drive 750gb, from  Target!  Going from $179.99 to $88.88  this a great deal for some who want more of a punch down in their junk! ;D ~More Info~

And for those who really want a monster of a deal, (parent discretion is advised) is the Maxtor 1TB One Touch 4 Lite, from OfficeMax!  Coming in at a hefty $229.99 but for Black Friday, a modest $139.99!  Have fun filling up on this Goliath! ~More Info~

If those deals aren’t what your looking, then maybe these little guys will do the trick! First is the SanDisk8GB Cruzer Micro Usb Flash Drive, from Circuit City!  Originally priced at $49.99, you can now get it for $18.99 just for Black Friday! ~More Info~

Secondly is for those who want more kick in their stick!  The SanDisk 16GB Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive, from Circuit city!  Now this is what I call handy for those who want the biggest stick! For only $39.99 compared to the original $79.99, this is a great buy! ~More Info~

Lastly, for our nice deals to increase that little something, is something anyone could use!  The Maxtor One Touch 4 Mini 250GB, from OfficeMax!  Not only is it spacious as a hefty hard-drive, its portable like a flash-drive!  The best of both worlds, perfect for anyone and everyone!  Talk about handy, this thing has it all.  And for only $69.99 compared to the original $119.99, this is a great deal! ~More Info~

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