Stomping off head and limbs never felt so satisfying!  Dead Space bring new unconventional ways of story-telling.

Unlike traditional games, everything from watching video’s to searching through your inventory has become a eye-candy effect.  Dead Space doesn’t use the the regular menu screens, that pauses time, and lets you browse around.  But instead it utilizes a futuristic, real-time menu for all your browsing needs.

Aside from that, the game is best described like a futuristic, Resident Evil 4, in space.  Doesn’t that sound fun?  It sure does to me!  Anyways, to those familiar to Resident Evil 4’s mechanics, Dead Space is basically the same thing.  What makes Dead Space different from other shooters, is that, the only way you can kill something (efficiently anyways) is to cut off it’s limbs.  Yep, body shots are wasted ammo,  while cutting off a leg or two will at least bring one down…  Or if its an arm, it will at least stop them from crawling..

Aside from the array of weapons (tools) you can use to dismember your enemies, nothing is as fun as a good’ol stomp.  With a press of the button you can either swing your weapon (very sluggish swing) or stomp whatever is next to you.  Just watching the blood and limbs being spewed like fireworks, is just plain satisfying, especially if that certain something spooked you.

Though of course there’s a bad side to this.  Controls can be a bit sluggish, and with the weird menu, things can become quite frustrating with the 3rd-person camera. But overall the mechanics aren’t to hard to get used to.

Anyways, being a survival horror, the game has a element of fears and thrills, and some of the most crazy death scenes I’ve ever witnessed in a game!  Some can be so entertaining that you might actually want to make a whole separate save, just to see how many different ways you can die.  And sure enough they all never get old, let alone creepy. Though for some players, the thrills of the levels may become a bit predictable, but none the less, entertaining.

Dead Space is a great for any gamer who wants a thrill for their money.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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