Omg. This is the most epic little trailer I have watched in a good while! Many times I wondered, how much hype can a little trailer bring in with only the limit of just a couple minutes of footage… This is the way to hype your fans people. Zach Snyder has done it with his second full trailer. I just can’t believe it. Its absolutely wonderful for my eyes and of course the dopamine release in my brain! The trailer is a narrative from Rorschach spewing out pure joyous lines straight from the novel. The scenes all looks so stylistic and at the same time true to it’s origin. This movie has the chops to be top tier, in my opinion. Could this be the next Dark Knight people? I just can’t wait to go see this in theaters! You know what, if your still reading this….. stop wasting time and watch the damn trailer! Watch it once….. then maybe 2 more times…. then sleep on it wake up and watch it again. 🙂

God bless.