Wow! New images were just publicly released of Matthew Vaughn’s movie, Kick-ass.
The movie is based off the comic book of the same name, regarding about a high school boy who incidentally shares many similar interests as me… like watching Entourage and reading comics. But unlike him I don’t own a scuba diving suit and fight criminal as a faux-superhero. Although it would be incredibly KICK-ASS to be one. Lol I know corny usage of words there. Anyways, the images are showing great things for followers of the comics. The pictures seem to be from the scene where our main protagonist, Dave Lizewski, is beating up a pair of criminals from pummeling a innocent victim to a bleeding pulp. The comics are pretty bloody and violent. If this can be successfully translated to the big screen, I think we’ll have a great hit. I must admit, I’m loving how accurately it follows the original comics! Originally, after reading the comics that were released thus far. It was hard to imagine seeing a true to form costume of our lead character in real life. But I am glad that this is starting to shape up to be a very sweet treat for the fans and audiences. Expect the movie release sometime next year during 2009.

Source: First Showing