So November 28, is the big day where crazy, insane amount of people across America congregate outside of retail stores to purchase the cheapest deals around. This post is for the readers, to inform you about what’s hot for the upcoming sales fest. is a great site that is posting up items that are going to be sold during black Friday. I know I’ll be one of many Americans chilling outside like a hobo. Lol I am going to bring a grill along for the ride too. Every once in awhile, it’s nice to just chill outside with random fellow strangers and enjoy a hearty meal of sausages and hamburgers.

For myself, I am planning on picking up a laptop as I will be moving away for college and will be needing one. I am looking forward to probably picking up a bunch of cool gadgets too! I will try to take pictures of what goes down during my fun and grueling black Friday.

For you readers out there if you guys have your opinion on the current state of Black Friday sales going on currently or just want to chat about what kind of gadgets you guy are planning to get yourself then comment here about it!