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San Japan’s 2014 Rounds of Cosplayers Part 2

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014215

The journey of San Japan’s team of cosplayers continue as we showcase some of the cool costumed heroes and pop-culture icon conjured by Japanese-enthused folks. If you missed it check out our first part here.

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014239

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014237

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014240

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014242

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014243

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014244

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014245

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014246

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014250

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San Japan 2014 Coverage Visiting all The EXTREME Cosplayers Part 1

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014207

Our first go around at San Japan to test the waters was pretty fun. Being one of the premiere anime convention in San Antonio, San Japan provides a cool and enjoyable location along the river walk for all attendees to visit and kick it. Along with the cast of wonderfully bright and diverse cosplayers out and about, many folks could walk the river and visit the River center mall. There were activities to do outside of San Japan that made this trip a plus in our books.

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014173

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014179

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014191

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014194

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014195

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014196

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Houston TX Sneaker Summit Winter 2014 Edition

Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 2014151

We’re back at Houston Sneaker Summit for their 2014 Winter Edition event. As usual we hustled our gear and we scoped the fields of sneakers all out in display. Excited kids and sneaker-heads came from all around Texas to connect with all their fellow sneaker enthusiasts.

Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 2014167

Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 2014131

Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 2014165

Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 2014132

Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 2014133

Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 2014136

Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 2014138

Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 2014139

Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 2014140

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Streets of Madness T-shirt Featuring Our Favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

TMNT anitque denim detail

It’s pizza time over here at Loyal K.N.G. with our favorite mutant turtles getting their new revamp into HD on the BIG SCREEN. And to celebrate the occasion we special delivered a new T-Shirt that bro-fists the TMNT universe we know and love with a beat-em up video game series that has also long fought to protect the civilians of New York — the world of Streets of Rage!

Can the turtle brothers alongside their bare-knuckled buddies April and Splinter take on the maniacal Shredder (AKA: Mr. X) and his vast army of cretin minions!? Lets select our shirts and insert our quarters to find out together!

NOTE: This design is being sold at an exclusive pre-order price saving 10$ off the official release value. The pre-order price will be active beginning of August 8 and ending on August 17th. Pick up this radical shirt on our store now: LoyalKNG.com


TMNT AntDenim

Available in Antique Denim T-shirt.

TMNT KelGreen

Available in Kelly Green T-shirt.

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San Diego Comic Con 2014 “RealTdragon SDCC Experience Cosplay Music Video” Ft. Marvel Characters, Spawn, Thor & Ect.

SDCC SAnDiego Comic Con Cosplay 2015_00002

Another year of SDCC has passed and as always San Diego Comic Con brings amazing cosplays out, a unique comic con experience, and even a Linkin Park concert! This time around RealTdragon attending the con to create a cosplay music video filled with all kinds of fun times, so if you missed out on the con this year feel free to visually experience it again with the video below.

SDCC SAnDiego Comic Con Cosplay 2015_00009

Captain America cosplay shows his true stars and stripes.

SDCC SAnDiego Comic Con Cosplay 2015_00017

Bebop & Rocksteady looking for turtle soup!

SDCC SAnDiego Comic Con Cosplay 2015_00001

Modok and his gang on the streets of SDCC.

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