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Amazing Super Smash Bros x Attack On Titan Opening Parody Animated Short!


The AmazingArtistYellow team have created a wonderful re-adaptation of the popular Attack on Titan series opener utilizing the Super Smash Bros. family and friends. As a fan of both series, this is such a enjoyable and fun watch! Check it out below:

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February 1, 2014   No Comments

Viet Hoa Lunar New Years 2013 in Houston TX w/ Dragon Dances, Fireworks, Martial Arts

Viet Hoa LoyalKNG Houston 2013 Feb_19

Happy Lunar New Years! We worked on this recap film of our visit to Viet Hoa in Houston TX to celebrate the Lunar New Years. Every year around the end of January always bring a lot of excitement and fun to the community with various entertainments such as dragon dances, fireworks, and a lot of cultural showcases!

Viet Hoa LoyalKNG Houston 2013 Feb 1_56

Viet Hoa LoyalKNG Houston 2013 Feb 1_42

Viet Hoa LoyalKNG Houston 2013 Feb_11

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Culture Shock LA “Daft Funk” Daft Punk Random Access Memories Hip-Hop Dance Performance Tribute.

daft punk radom access memories

Enjoy a mesmerizing time with Culture Shock LA as the perform “Daft Funk”, a hip-hop choreographed dancing tribute to the renown musicians Daft Punk. Can you feel the funk enter you body as the embryos in your self emit a urge to just dance! If it does then you sir understand the funk, the Daft Punk.

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January 27, 2014   No Comments

Disney’s Maleficent “Dream” Movie Trailer W/ Angelina Jolie & Lana Del Rey’s ‘Once Upon A Dream’ Performance.


Angelina Jolie is now scene in full force power of the horse in Disney’s latest Maleficent “Dream” Trailer. The trailer emits a chime of old as Lana Del Rey’s recreation of ‘Once Upon A Dream’ leaks from the back grounds of the film. Now a question will rise asking whom will be the hero of the film to save the day from the evil witch or will there even be one?

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Fiona Apple In Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow” Short Animted Film Performed Singing A World of Pure Imagination.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie image

In a world of pure imagination begins the tale of a sole Scarecrow that dreams to change the world with healthy organic food options, compared to the industrial factory standard cow in a bun meal. Backed by Chipotle, yes the restaurant, the short film is only a trailer for the game ap that is ready to purchase. What struck my deep with this trailer is the magnificent cover performance of Fiona Apple as she serenades the audience to “Pure Imagination”. It created a combination of nostalgia, euphoric joy, and solemn conditions of a scarecrow growing a heart for animals.

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