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3rd Annual Summer Art Festival in Houston TX 2014 Featuring Music, Graffiti, Painting, & Art

breakout 2014 loyalkng 011

Being apart of our first Summer Art Festival in Houston TX this passing weekend was an enjoyable albeit hot and humid experience. We had a great group of friends come out to spend their time with us at the Loyal K.N.G. booth, which made bearing the summer heat more enjoyable. The Summer Art Festival had rounds of local Houstonian band performances from musicians to artistic acrobats. There were large fashion show hosted on the roof top of the art studios, and art work sprawled across the walls of the building.

breakout 2014 loyalkng 038

breakout 2014 loyalkng 020

breakout 2014 loyalkng 006

breakout 2014 loyalkng 002

breakout 2014 loyalkng 003

breakout 2014 loyalkng 004

breakout 2014 loyalkng 007

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Attack On Titan Meets Pakour & BBoy, Shingeki No Kyojin Live Action Film By RealTdragon @ A-kon 2014

thumb nail Attack On Titan Pakour & Bboy Akon 2014 FINAL_00000

Today is brought to you by Attack On Titan with Parkour and Bboy dance moves! RealTdragon brings the Attack On Titan to life with his live-action short featuring Colossal Titans, Eren & Annie Titans, and a flurry of Survey Corps/Military Police Brigade.

pics attack on titan_00003

Twist and pop!

pics attack on titan_00004

Windmills for the win with Adventure Time!

pics attack on titan_00001

Minecraft meets Attack On Titan?

pics attack on titan_00002

A grand finale with a Bender belch!

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Breakout 6 Dance Tournament by Dancing for a Cause! All the Dancers Gather To Triumph!

breakout 2014 loyalkng 011

Dancing for a Cause have done a wonderful job of hosting an amazingly fun community Dance Tournament, Breakout, every consecutive year. This year marks the 6th Breakout event, and with that brings more dancers and fun.

breakout 2014 loyalkng 106

Lance, Mike Jones, Tin, and Josh, powers up their levels!

breakout 2014 loyalkng 107

William, Alexa, and Trung, chilling like cool folks.

breakout 2014 loyalkng 004

Loyal K.N.G. gear in stock for all the homies.

breakout 2014 loyalkng 108

Thien and Alexa share a J-pop moment.

breakout 2014 loyalkng 001

Russell and his girlfriend comes through to kick it and help out at the Loyal K.N.G. booth.

breakout 2014 loyalkng 003

breakout 2014 loyalkng 007

The Advent Royal booth with all their pretty faces.

breakout 2014 loyalkng 008

breakout 2014 loyalkng 012

breakout 2014 loyalkng 018

breakout 2014 loyalkng 019

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Loyal K.N.G Spring 2014 Design Visuals Ft. Gwendolyn Jill

2014 LoyalKNG Gwen_1In releasing our Loyal K.N.G Spring 2014 graphic line, we featured a fun way to view all our new freshly dressed on our model, Gwendolyn Jill. This season we visited more of a Pirate and Marine theme going into the designing phases. There are many elements of sea and nautical themes spread throughout the season among a few remixes of old favorite designs from our history vault.

This visual was shot and cut by Loyal K.N.G.’s Mauricio Lopez.

Visit the store and check out the new line.

2014 LoyalKNG Gwen_3

2014 LoyalKNG Gwen_11

2014 LoyalKNG Gwen_14

2014 LoyalKNG Gwen_6

2014 LoyalKNG Gwen_12

2014 LoyalKNG Gwen_17

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RealTdragon’s A-kon 2014 Naruto Fighting Dreamers “Flow – Go” Live Action CMV In Dallas Tx!

Naruto fight dreamers 2_1_00000

Another convention another video, this time at Project A-kon 2014! Realtdragon takes his way of the ninja and akes it into a Cosplay Music Video to Naruto’s “Flow – Go” Fighting Dreamers Opening. The video showcases some fun guitar funk, a various amount of great cosplays, and the fun it is to attend Project Akon in Dallas Tx!

Other cosplayers featured on the cosplay music video!

Naruto fight dreamers 2_1_00001

3x Kakashi prepping for a rap battle moment.

Naruto fight dreamers 2_00000

Vegeta & Trunks give fierce glares towards the camera man.

Naruto fight dreamers 3_00002

Cosplayer MasterEmilyChief Frieza cosplay sharing the last moments of your life with you.

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