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2014 MTV Woodie Awards at SXSW Austin TX w/ Childish Gambino, Iggy Azaela, & 1975!

SXSW MTV Woodie 2014 LoyalKNG _5

It was an experience of a lifetime getting to be apart of this year’s (2014) MTV Woodie Awards featuring fresh music artists such as, Childish Gambino, Iggy Azaela, 1975, and more, rocking the stage with ecstatic performances. We were fortunate enough to get the VIP treatment from MTV’s event sponsor, Pepsi, and we got in straight through the door along with a bunch of free foodie swag. The entire evening was full of excellent performances by fresh musicians (that we’ll be covered in the next blog post), and even a slew of special guest a-list music stars that got the crowd hyped beyond belief.

SXSW MTV Woodie 2014 LoyalKNG _3

The final performance of the night was led by the talented and energetic Childish Gambino. The crowd moved and bumped in an erratic manner as Gambino led a hypnotic set featuring some of his most well-known track sets.

SXSW MTV Woodie 2014 LoyalKNG _7

SXSW MTV Woodie 2014 LoyalKNG _10

Gambino wasn’t ashamed to bare it all out during his intimate performance.

SXSW MTV Woodie 2014 LoyalKNG _33

Gambino came on the set all illuminated with a walking band through the Austin SXSW crowd.

SXSW MTV Woodie 2014 LoyalKNG _38

Lil Wayne opened the Woodie Award with a teasing preformance of A-milli that would make even the most slacking Wayne fan jump at the hype.

SXSW MTV Woodie 2014 LoyalKNG _40

Wiz Khalifa came out to introduce some nominees to the Woodies.

SXSW MTV Woodie 2014 LoyalKNG _43

Divergent stars showcased a sneak peek footage to their latest feature film.

SXSW MTV Woodie 2014 LoyalKNG _48

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Mini-Akon 2014 in Denton TX Featuring Cosplayers of All Types & Styles!

Mini akon 2014 LoyalKNG 2

Our filmographer, Thien Vuong, took a weekend trip to visit one of North America’s largest Anime convention, A-Kon, at their sister event, Mini-Akon. The event served as a filler event to pre-hype the larger event later this year in the summer. There were hundreds of people out and about enjoying their environment and showing off their latest cosplaying fits.

Mini akon 2014 LoyalKNG 2_4

Mini akon 2014 LoyalKNG 2_5

Mini akon 2014 LoyalKNG 2_6

Mini akon 2014 LoyalKNG 2_7

Mini akon 2014 LoyalKNG 2_10

Mini akon 2014 LoyalKNG 2_16 Mini akon 2014 LoyalKNG 2_17

Mini akon 2014 LoyalKNG 2_19

Mini akon 2014 LoyalKNG 2_22

Mini akon 2014 LoyalKNG 2_26

Mini akon 2014 LoyalKNG 2_28

Mini akon 2014 LoyalKNG 2_30

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SacAnime 2014 Pharrell Williams G I R L “Happy – We Are From Sacramento California” Cosplay Music Video By Thien Vuong, Aka RealTdragon

SacAnime 2014 Happy Pharrell Williams FINAL_00000

Realtdrgon once again brings an anime cosplay music video to life, this time to Pharrell Williams “Happy” from both his new G I R L album as well as Despicable Me 2. We Are From Sacramento California is the title of this track the short was filmed and shot at SacAnime 2014 i Sacramento, Ca.

Sacanime 2014 Happy Youtube Pic_00000

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New “POWER RANGERS: Rise Of The Nega Rangers” Fan Film TRAILER! Red, Blue & Green Rangers Unite Againts Evil By Thien Vuong AKA RealTDragon

thumbnail pic Power Ranger Rise of the Nega Ranger TRAILER_00000

A new legacy begins, “POWER RANGERS Rise of the Nega Rangers Fan Film TRAILER” is a new Power Ranger fan film that follows the Red, blue, & green rangers as they battle against the rising forces of the Nega Rangers. The film is a heart felt tribute to the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers franchise/series, which I grew up watching and loving. RealTDragon, Thien Vuong, brings the heat as he showcases EXPLOSIONS, choreographed fight scenes, Cosplayers, Naruto, Ichigo, ProtoMan, and Teenagers With Attitude!

Two Nega Rangers featured in the trailer.

Realtdragon power rangers facebook cover_00000

Red defends against enemies attacking forces.

RED RANGER FACEBOOK Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 5.41.56 PM

A shot of the Red Ranger’s morpher emitting power coin energy.

Power Ranger Rise Of The Nega Rangers Rough_00000

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Scifi Expo 2014 by Dallas Comic Con Feat Peter Weller, Karen Gillan, Warehouse 13 & More

Scifi Expo 2014 LoyalKNG_28

We had the pleasure to spend our weekend at the Sci-fi Expo 2014 hosted by the Dallas Comic Con team. It was an exciting event filled with well known celebrities such as Richard Drewfuss, Peter Weller, Karen Gillan, Steve Arnell, Karl Urban, and more. Among the many artists, cosplayers, celebrities, and scheduled panels, Sci-fi Expo provided great entertainment for all who attended, and there were certainly many people who flocked the event!

Scifi Expo 2014 LoyalKNG_40

Scifi Expo 2014 LoyalKNG_42


Scifi Expo 2014 LoyalKNG_53

Scifi Expo 2014 LoyalKNG_54

Scifi Expo 2014 LoyalKNG_55

Scifi Expo 2014 LoyalKNG_57

Scifi Expo 2014 LoyalKNG_58

Scifi Expo 2014 LoyalKNG_60

Scifi Expo 2014 LoyalKNG_64

Scifi Expo 2014 LoyalKNG_65

Scifi Expo 2014 LoyalKNG_67

Scifi Expo 2014 LoyalKNG_68

Scifi Expo 2014 LoyalKNG_71

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