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Loyal K*N*G — Art Edition

Adventure Time Poster by Jeffrey Cruz (theCHAMBA)! Featuring Fin, Jake, Fiona, Cake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, & More!

An artist I’ve always loved and respected, Jeffrey Cruz (AKA: theCHAMBA), created this awesome poster illustration featuring the parellel casts of Adventure time with Fin & Jake paired with Fiona & Cake!

If your loving Jeffrey Cruz’ artwork, you can checkout more over at his DeviantART:

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July 20, 2012   No Comments

Official “Solomon Kane” 2012 Movie Trailer For U.S. Release!

Solomon Kane 2012 official trailer below! Meet the amazing man that calls the art of battle and sword play his home! The man is a true whom abolishes the demons and evil spirits that lie in arms ready to fight!

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July 17, 2012   No Comments

Adventure Time Fan-Art by Ry-Spirit! Featuring Fin & Jake, Princess Bubblegum & Marceline, Fionna & Cake!

An artist by the alias of Ry-Spirit created these awesome fan-art illustrations of Adventure Time’s characters! If your loving his artwork here then you’ll find even more at his deviantart page:

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June 27, 2012   No Comments

Andrew Will’s “The Prototype” Official Movie Teaser Trailer & Sci-Fi Movie, Humans Will Become Machine.

Andrew Will’s “The Prototype” official teaser trailer is below set to come out sometime in 2013. The new Sci-Fi movie is about a rougue military robot on an adventure to find and discover himself while being followed and attacked by the military. This is the outcome of making machines with advanced minds, one day we’ll regret it all.

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June 26, 2012   No Comments

Marvel vs Capcom Poster by Jeffrey ‘CHAMBA’ Cruz (theChamba)!

With the official Marvel VS Capcom: Official Complete Works book finally being close to release, Jeffery ‘Chamba’ Cruz (theChamba) released this awesome Marvel VS Capcom poster on his DeviantART!

You can find more artwork from Chamba’s artwork at his DeviantArt page: thechamba

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June 25, 2012   No Comments