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Loyal K*N*G — Art Edition

Marvel vs Capcom Poster by Jeffrey ‘CHAMBA’ Cruz (theChamba)!

With the official Marvel VS Capcom: Official Complete Works book finally being close to release, Jeffery ‘Chamba’ Cruz (theChamba) released this awesome Marvel VS Capcom poster on his DeviantART!

You can find more artwork from Chamba’s artwork at his DeviantArt page: thechamba

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June 25, 2012   No Comments

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto Legends 2012 Illustration by Patrick Brown! Featuring Clade Speed, Carl Johnson, Niko Bellick, Tommy Vercetti, & More!

An artist by the name of Patrick Brown has brought it upon himself to create this epic illustration featuring all the protagonists from the Grand Theft Auto series from Rockstar.

If your loving Patrick Brown’s artwork here, then you’ll love the artwork he has at his DeviantArt page (Including more Grand Theft Auto work)! Visit his page at DeviantArt here: patrickbrown

Here are the protagonists from left to right:
Toni Cipriani – Liberty City Stories
Claude Speed – GTA III
Carl Johnson – San Andreas
Niko Bellic – GTA IV
Victor Vance – Vice City Stories
Johnny Klebitz – Lost and Damned
Tommy Vercetti – Vice City
Luis Lopez – Ballad of Gay Tony
Huang Lee – Chinatown Wars
Albert De Silva – GTA V

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June 25, 2012   No Comments

Sleepy Dan’s Series 2 Release at Plush Gallery Dallas TX Featuring Amazing Art Talents!

Recently, our good friend Dan of Sleepy Dan, just wrapped up an amazingly successful release party for his Series 2 drop of his brand. The event was hosted at the Dallas TX’s Plush Gallery featuring many, many talented local Dallas artists in showcasing their Sleepy Dan inspired art pieces. Check through some of the art-works below!

Sam and Jeremy Biggers of Unko!

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June 22, 2012   No Comments

Family Robot “Blinky™” Here To Kill All That Agitates & Command Him, By Ruairi Robinson.

On my time spent on vimeo today, I specifically found this short on the household family robot “Blinky™” to be highly entertaining. Welcome to the future where robots are now everywhere! I find in specific situations where a kid has a family wealthy enough to get a robot there’s usually something that goes wrong. In this case the kid has parents whom always fight, so in the end his relationship with his robot ends up being the same.

Soon every home will have a robot helper.
Don’t worry.
It’s perfectly safe.
Written, Directed, Edited by Ruairi Robinson.

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June 21, 2012   No Comments

Vimeo’s “Crossover” Firebugs & Gardenspiders Here To Control Your Mind.

Crossover is a short about the relationships between firebugs and gardenspiders in a miniature setting of a forest. Enhanced by 3d animation all the creatures in the short are not real, but still the story of their relationship exist.

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June 21, 2012   1 Comment